Bosnian pyramids

To all English-speaking readers, I apologize for the bad quality of my English. I have made myself the translation of my texts from French and, as everybody knows, French are said to be quite bad at foreign languages :-).

Please feel free to email me if you happen to see some really horrible mistake!

And whenever you find a good translation, know that it has been revised by Hermione for the first year, and more recently by Abacus, both of whom I thank greatly!

See also Liens sur les pyramides de Bosnie for some links about the Bosnian pyramids

Articles of this section
Sub-sections of this section
The protagonists
This section is dedicated to the various protagonists who intervened in the case of the Bosnian "pyramids": Semir Osmanagic of course, but also (...)
This section contains 23 articles
Pseudoscientific methodology
This section is dedicated to the methods used by Semir Osmanagic’s Foundation, in the excavations themselves as well as in the general approach to (...)
This section contains 15 articles
"Evidence" and "scientific reports" from the Foundation
I gathered in this section analyses of the various elements that Semir Osmanagic’s Foundation offers as "evidence" of the existence of the (...)
This section contains 23 articles
The reality of the "pyramids"
Explanations of the various, mainly geological, phenomena, used as evidence of the "pyramids".
This section contains 14 articles
Real archaeology
Some elements of real archeology in Visoko and in Bosnia.
This section contains 5 articles
Around the pyramids: the Bosnian context
This section is devoted to certain side-issues of the Bosnian pyramids affair: questions about the lack of criticism from the medias, about the (...)
This section contains 9 articles
Paolo Debertolis and the SBRG
This section contains 12 articles
This section contains 1 sub-section
The "deliriums corner"
Don’t look for anything serious in this section!
This section contains 5 articles
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