A little bit of numerology
Article published on 15 March 2007

by Irna

In a news dated 2 March 2007 (bs), the "Bosnian pyramid of the Sun" Foundation informs us that Mr. Osmanagic goes on with his world tour "in search of the lost civilizations" (this tour being intended for a "scientific" emission with that same title that will be broadcasted on the Bosnian federal TV). He is, during these first days of March, in Europe, and more precisely in Stonehenge, which has inspired him with some surprising thoughts, for instance that, if the "original builders are unknown", the area was inhabited by people as different as "Druids, Celts, and Romans" (what! you didn’t hear of the Druids people?!).

Stonehenge gives Mr. Osmanagic the opportunity for a bit of numerology (directly copied, in fact, on Carl P. Munck’s "theories": http://www.pyramidmatrix.com/atlantis_rising.htm (en)). We can learn in the Foundation text that Stonehenge latitude is exactly 51 degrees, 10 minutes and 42,3529411764 seconds; one can only admire the extraordinary precision of this measurement: knowing that the arc minute of latitude is about 1852 meters, and that the arc second is thus a little more than 30 meters, one can deduce that Mr. Munck and Mr. Osmanagic could measure Stonehenge latitude with one nanometer precision! It is however very funny to find out that each "alternative theory" about Stonehenge uses a different latitude measurement, choosing of course the one that will give the desirable numerological result: here (en) 51°08’, there (en) 51°18’...

One can also learn in this text that it is altogether legitimate, for a pseudo-archaeologist, to multiply degrees by minutes and seconds, or stone-blocks by degrees - the most important being, after all, to be able to find some "mysterious correspondence". An extraordinary example of this kind of correspondence is given: behold! the fact that a circle contains 360° was known by the "mysterious architects" of Stonehenge, as well as by the ones who built the Cuicuilco Pyramid in Mexico with its circular base!!!

I really don’t understand why Mr. Osmanagic has still not discovered the relationship with the pictures of the Egyptian god Ra, as well as with the rose windows in Chartres cathedral: in both case it is evident that the use of 360° circles shows the influence of a mysterious and mathematically extraordinarily advanced civilization!

In addition, I have made a fabulous discovery in my own house: all my plates, you see, each one of them, have exactly 360 degrees; I still didn’t succeed in establishing a link between Stonehenge builders and Limoges porcelain makers, but I do not despair, I will succeed one of these days.