An "April Fools’ day fish" during the month of May?
Article published on 11 May 2007

by Irna

The visitor passing on this web site may have read this text published on the 1st of April, in which I announced the discovery, by Mr. Osmanagic and his team, of an extraordinary archaeological treasure of sculpted and engraved fishes [1] that confirmed their most extravagant hypothesis about an ancient worlwide sea-borne civilization. I hope the visitor had at least a smile reading it; for myself I had much fun writing it, and it seems that the administrator of the forum (en) found it funny enough to paste it on the forum (on which I am banned):

This has indeed given a most comic reaction by the chief moderator, Hyperborean, who did not see that I was not responsible for this pasting, and above all who did not see the indications, however evident, that it was an April Fools’ Day joke:

The entire thread has very swiftly disappeared (en) from the forum...

At that time I could not have imagined that this "April fish" would reappear far into the month of May... First it was, still on the forum, "ray2007" who saw a fish (en) engraved on one of the stones found in the Ravne tunnel - but I could not understand wether it was this one:

or that one:

Well, one is used to the fancy interpretations by "ray2007", already mentioned here.

But now it is the Osmanagic team itself that is beginning to see fishes everywhere! In a news with the Bosnian title "First artistic artifact from the tunnel complex of Ravne? (bs)", the Foundation publishes this photograph:

explaining that one can clearly see that "the contour of a fish is visible; a head with an eye with prolonged body, two fins and a tail". And, for the blind ones, the Foundation gives a second photograph supposed to be more convincing:

What can I say? Either there is in the team a practical joker, who happened maybe to read my text; or I have, unknowingly, paranormal powers, and my inconscious mind new in advance that this fish was to be discovered when I wrote it...

Another interesting hypothesis is the one half seriously suggested by Paul Heinrich on The Hall of Ma’at (en): he supposes that "somewhere in the Pyramid Foundation there is a person involved in secretly producing the archaeological equivalent of a either a ’Borak’-type documentary or book trying to find out how far a person can go in getting other
people to accept what are most obviously natural rocks as man-made artifacts". If this is the case, I cannot help to congratulate this person on his "May fish"!