Artefacts found: proof of pyramid builders
Article published on 21 August 2014

I have received this report from Visoko, and I’m waiting to hear more from the Foundation about these new artefacts - Irna

Aug 2014

Report by I. Masinik

This season, Osmanagic’s team have discovered a number of exciting artefacts in and around the Visoko area.

This amazingly preserved artefact was discovered near a road leading to the Pyramid of the sun. Analysis from a Tusla lab indicates that the artefact is entirely man made. A spokesman from the Pyramid Foundation stated “this is an ancient sign clearly indicating ‘pyramid under construction’” The artefact is thought to be at least 30,000 years old.

Excitement mounted when another similarly shaped artefact was found near the entrance to the Ravne labyrinth tunnels, clear proof that the tunnels are linked to the pyramid.

The pictograms on these two artefacts are thought to be precursors to the more elaborate Egyptian hieroglyphs found thousands of years later.

A third artefact was discovered, again near the Ravne tunnels. Though sharing the naïve pictogramic style of previous artefacts, this one is thought to have been made by a later civilisation, a mere 5 or 6,000 years ago. It shows in the tunnels being refilled and plainly depicts the construction of dry stone wall to hide the secret of the earlier tunnel builders.

These artefacts provide the best evidence yet that Osmanagic’s interpretation of the archaeology of the region is correct. The pyramid shape of the artefacts and the clear meaning of the hieroglyphics is indisputable proof that the pyramids and tunnels are human constructions of ancient origins.

But this is not the end of the discoveries. A fourth partly damaged artefact was found, which has puzzled the Bosnian Pyramid Foundation. This one has an inverted pyramid shape. The presence of runes suggest that this artefact may be contemporary to the makers for the ceramic megaliths – the oldest artefacts in the complex.

Some have suggested that this artefact could predate the pyramid itself and depict an early prototype of a pyramid, which was later rejected in favour of the more familiar orientation.

But we have to face the possibility that the true meaning of this last artefact may remain forever a mystery.