Bosnian Pyramids: Introduction
The investigation
Article published on 30 August 2012

by Simplicio (EclisseForum)

This is an introduction to a series of articles that, starting today, we are publishing on the story of the Bosnian Pyramids.

For years now, we have been hearing about so-called pyramids allegedly discovered in Bosnia. There has been a proliferation of different news items, often fragmented and confused, so, in August 2012, after months of research, discussions and information gathering, we decided to present a résumé of the situation.

There are many aspect to this story, and we will be examining them further in due course. However, its essence is very simple: according to one particular set of people, the hills around the town of Visoko - a town of 17,000 inhabitants situated in the north of Sarajevo, in Bosni – are actually colossal man-made structures similar to the Egyptian pyramids.

It all started in 2005, when one of the protagonists of our history, Semir Osmanagic, was summoned to Bosnia by the Director of the Visoko Museum to investigate the hills surrounding the city. A short while later, the world was to learn of the discovery of a complex comprising at least three pyramids: the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Earth. In addition to these pyramids, the site was also said to include a complex network of tunnels dug into the side of a hill, known as the Ravne tunnels, which formed the main entrance to the pyramid. A very few months later, the Pyramid of the Sun Foundation was set up, its task that of coordinating and managing excavation work on the hillsides and tunnels.

Every year, the site has been attracting tens, if not hundreds, of volunteers whose job it is to explore the various test pits scattered around the valley. There are, too, a fair number of visitors, who contribute to a burgeoning tourist industry.

The Foundation is also concerned with coordinating various other "research groups", including the one of particular interest to us, given that it was through our dealings with them that we learnt about this story. The SB Research Group, established in 2010, has been involved with the period associated with the pyramids and tunnels, and with sound phenomena emerging from the summit of the Pyramid of the Sun. For, as if it weren’t enough for there to be pyramids dating back thousands of years before the Egyptian pyramids, and miles of tunnel built by a highly advanced (as yet unrecognized) civilization, there is also a beam of ultrasound being propelled from the top of the pyramid of the sun. Currently, the study of this ultrasound emission is almost the only activity being carried out by the SBRG in the valley of Visoko, as the result of events that will be explained later.

Our activity in recent months has focused on the study of almost any publication concerning the site of Visoko, personal research blogs, articles by opponents and critics, topics and posts on various online forums, direct interviews, contacts via e-mail, phone calls, translations of Serbian articles, contacts with volunteers and informal chats with people who, although well informed, prefer to remain anonymous.

For months, our team has been working in silence, in a diligent, discreet and disciplined manner, lips firmly sealed in order to avoid letting slip any hint of the gradually emerging situation before the proper publication date.

Now, however, the day has arrived when we can at last say that we have a pretty clear understanding of the situation - not only the known facts, but also what has been going on behind the scenes. This understanding is supported by sources and documents that will each be quoted separately within the article.

Some attempts on our part to obtain information and explanations were unsuccessful, because the institutions and persons whom we contacted failed to reply. We will therefore describe the situation as we understand it, but are willing to publish any additions or clarifications if the parties concerned decide to get in touch, or communicate a change of view.

In addition, we have been warned that our work will be subject to legal scrutiny, with a view to finding a pretext for taking action against the authors and the site itself –simply because we are asking valid questions that nevertheless remain unanswered.

We will not be intimidated or even discouraged by such posturings, which, frankly, we would not have expected from people who profess to be “scientists”.

We don’t claim that these articles are either exhaustive or definitive, so we are including a liberal selection of links and references. In conclusion, we will also be adding an exhaustive bibliography, so that readers can decide whether to pursue in further detail any aspect of our work here.