Christian Schwarz-Schilling, Mr. Osmanagic’s High Representative?
Article published on 17 August 2007

by Irna

Since the 2nd of July 2007, Mr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling is not anymore High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina; the new High Representative is a Slovakian diplomat, Mr. Miroslav Lajcak. However, it seems that Mr. Schwarz-Shilling did not remain long unemployed, as less than a week after his departure from the OHR he could be found acting as the showman for Mr. Semir Osmanagic and his Foundation...

One may remember that Mr. Schwarz-Schilling already made a much disputed visit (bs) to the "Bosnian valley of pyramids" in August 2006; during this visit, he called Mr. Osmanagic a "visionary" and offered him his backing and his help. Such a step, from the official Representative of the international community, was not trivial, and some could even think that Mr. Schwarz-Schilling was quite out of his rôle and of the framework of his duties. That’s in fact what members of the main scientific institutions in Bosnia politely explained him in an open letter partially published in the local media; in that letter they also demanded of him that he sees, within the framework of his office [1], that the same scientific criteria used in Europe apply to the evaluation of the archaeological excavations in Bosnia.

As far as I know Mr. Schwarz-Schilling never gave any answer to this open letter, but he refrained from any further step toward Mr. Osmanagic during the time of his mandate. However, less than a week after he resigned his office, there he is again (en), on a private visit to the excavations in Visoko, and speaks to the local newspapers of Mr. Osmanagic’s "fascinating and encouraging" results - saying, by the way, a splendid nonsense when suggesting that the international scientific community "must use their scientific methods in order to prove that Mother Nature could create such things"... As is usual with Mr. Osmanagic’s supporters, the burden of proof is reversed : the scientists are called on to prove that the pyramids do not exist, when we are still waiting for the slightest real evidence from the one who claims their existence... And, with all due reference to Mr. Schwarz-Schilling, a single example suffices to state that Nature can create "such things", and the examples are not few, of pyramidal hills, giant spheres, natural "pavements" or "mosaics"... The only one in this affair who has to prove something is Mr. Osmanagic, and I wonder that Mr. Schwarz-Schilling, who was granted a PhD in History, needs to be reminded of it.

Does Mr. Schwarz-Schilling actually believe in the existence of Mr. Osmanagic’s "pyramidal complex"? Of course, only he can answer this question. However one can note an interesting fact that, beside a possible personal conviction, could maybe explain his interest in the Bosnian pseudo-archaeology. Contrary to his predecessors as High Representative, who left Bosnia at the end of their mandate and used to avoid every comment or statement, Mr. Schwarz-Schilling announced his intent to stay in Bosnia (bs) after the 2nd of July. Officially it would be a private stay, but some political analysts (en) think that he could be tempted to play a rôle of unofficial political counselor for the relations between the country and the European Union, and so try to make people forget that he was what some consider "the worst High Representative (en)" Bosnia ever had. He could thus be considered a half-pensioner looking for any kind of political employment, and trying to make his peace with the Bosniak political community, angry with his "hands-off approach" toward the Serbian nationalists of Republika Srpska; and there is one subject that, for the present, is able to unite the Bosniak nationalists: the pyramids. Mr. Osmanagic Senior has numerous and influent political friends, and Mr. Osmanagic Junior seems to be on the high road to success once more: after the attempt by the Minister of Culture Grahovac to prevent the Foundation from proceeding with its non-professional excavations, there seems to be now a "Sacred Union (en)" of all kind of nationalists behind Semir Osmanagic and his pseudo-archaeological project - that maybe excuses the opportunist politicians from having a real political project - so that the Foundation is now assured to be able to continue to excavate [2]. Is Mr. Schwarz-Schilling so trying to buy a cheap popularity by openly showing his support to Mr. Osmanagic? to find a "job" as unofficial counselor by flattering the political community? If that is the case, that would mean that Mr. Schwarz-Schilling is not as stupid as he appears to be when one reads Mr. Osmanagic’s Foundation website; but that would not add much to his reputation, nor to the reputation of the office he held during 18 months...