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Article published on 25 April 2011

by Irna

Smailbegovic Amer, Ground follow-up to remote sensing survey of potential sites of archaeological interest in Visoko Valley, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10.07.2006

Rapport - Report
PDF, 3.1 Mo, English

The satellite analysis, of which this report, never published by Mr. Osmanagic since 2006, is a follow-up, is here.

Cicic Safet, Geological map of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1:300,000, Earth Science Institute, Sarajevo, 2002

Carte - Map
JPG, 1.5 Mo
Légende - Legend
PDF, 1.5 Mo, English

Jovanovic R. et al., Geological map, Visoko, 1:100,000 (Extract), Earth Science Institute, Sarajevo, 1967

Carte et légende - Map and legend
JPG, 1.3 Mo, English, Bosanski

Vrabac Sejfudin et al., Report on geology of Visocica near Visoko, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Construction of the University of Tuzla, 17.04.2006

Rapport - Report
PDF, 320 Ko, Bosanski

Hrvatovic Hazim, "Postorogenic Intramontane Basins", News of the Croatian Geological Society, 37/2, 3.10.2000

Page 1
JPG, 800 Ko, English
Page 2
JPG, 760 Ko, English