For lack of any scientific arguments, the Osmanagic team uses threats...
Article published on 18 August 2007

by Irna

If you used to have sometimes a look on the various blogs of the "Anti-Pyramid Web Ring" in Bosnia, you may have noticed that their content has disappeared; instead there is a short post (bs), saying that "because of the pressures bearing on us and our families, and of the legal threats", their authors have decided to stop, at least temporarily, writing their blogs [1]. One must think that these anonymous bloggers, who unwearyingly exposed Mr. Osmanagic’s and his team’s fakes and stupidities, have hit some sore points, and endangered the "greatest geo-archaeological project of the century", as the Foundation, through two of its collaborators, is now attacking by way of judicial threats.

Mr. Osmanagic nor his Foundation do not attack themselves, but two of the team "satellites", a Croat engineer, Hrvoje Zujic, and a Serbian businessman, Zoran Kocic from the company Aqua Mundi; the bloggers are not threatened because of their exposing Mr. Osmanagic lies - how could he drag to trial those who do not believe his hypothesis, for which he never could give any evidence? - but because they ridiculed the pseudo-scientific pretensions of these two men.

Let’s begin with Hrvoje Zujic, who presents himself as engineer in electrotechnology: he is a regular attendant of the "Iz mog ugla" part of the Foundation official website - a part that I call "the deliriums corner", where one can find Mr. Muris Osmanagic’s wild nonsense about the "proto-bosnian" alphabet as well as Mr. Goran Cakic’s one about the pyramids/life boats. Mr. Zujic’s contributions to this "corner" are numerous - and savoury: there is for instance a text explaining that the Bosnian stoneballs are in fact lightning rods (bs) and "atmospheric energy turbulence neutralizers", another showing how the tunnels creators could produce at will artificial tornadoes (bs) to terrify and drive away the ennemies, and a few such other texts. But the most funny are two texts (here (bs) and there (bs)) where our engineer "proves", with a lot of nice drawings - and to the uttermost pleasure of the APWR bloggers, that the Visoko "pyramids" are in fact gigantic radiators used to heat the planet - or at least Visoko valley - at the end of the last Ice Age, emitting steam heated by solar energy (see here (en) some quotations translated by Stultitia).

I will not try to explain the details of Mr. Zujic "discovery"; let’s say that it is founded on four elements: the famous symbols (of which there is still no photograph...) discovered on a "megalith" in one of the tunnels; the presence of the tunnels themselves; the "banana" shape of Krstac hill (in fact the concave edge of an old meander, that Mr. Osmanagic Senior sees as an amphitheater); and the presence of "chimneys" (used to emit the heated steam) at the top of the pyramids. And that is the sore point: pertaining to these holes at the top of Visocica, of which the existence, according to Mr. Zujic, is attested by tales of children having thrown stones in a hole that was to be seen before the Second World War [2], Stultitia explains him (bs) on her blog that there are no example of medieval fortress without a well or a cistern, and that Old Town Visoki had much probably its own well [3]. Our engineer, who must have spent weeks refining his theory, cannot stand this simple reminder of historical reality, and begins to send to Stultitia more and more aggressive and delirious mails (he accuses the APWR bloggers of having followed him with an helicopter (bs) on Visocica...); then he makes an ultimatum, threatening of legal proceeding the Web Ring members. One can also think that he made some pressures on Stultitia’s blog service, as she had to change it and open a new blog (bs).

The other Osmanagic satellite who seems eager to drag his critics before a judge is Mr. Zoran Kocic, General Manager and owner of a Belgrade company, Aqua Mundi (en) [4], who participated it seems in "researches" in Visoko (see their gallery), researches of which, as far as I know, no result has ever been published nor mentioned on the Foundation website. What is the activity of this company? On the one hand, they exploit two wells of mineral water near Aleksinac in Serbia; there is by the way, pertaining to these wells, a strange story mentioned by the online Serbian magazine Glas Javnosti (see here (bs), here (bs) and there (bs)): it seems, according to these articles, that the ownership of these wells is much disputed, and that Mr. Kocic’s business is not always perfectly transparent, nor his links with some Serbian nationalist quarters (see here (en) for instance about the person Gojko Klickovic with whom he was associated at the time of this affair of disputed wells).

This company other activity, for which it has probably been contacted by Mr. Osmanagic, is the detection of all kind of deposits (water, oil, natural gas, any non metallic materials); they claim an extraordinary precision ("100% accuracy" and tolerance of 5 meters only at 20 km underground..., see their website (en) or this article (bs)), thanks to a "revolutionary" invention of their own:

that you can see here the inventor, Mr. Miodrag Popovic, using under Mr. Osmanagic’s admiring eyes:

No use to add that this "revolutionary" invention smells the pseudo-scientific gadget at least as much as Professor Oldfield’s "Polycontrast Interference Photography"...

By the way, it’s because he said about the same thing I just wrote above that geolog-mrak (bs) is now attacked by Mr. Kocic and the Aqua Mundi company, and because he reminded them a few rules and basis pertaining to geophysical research and to the laws on geology and mining in Serbia and Bosnia. There again, as was the case with Mr. Zujic, Mr. Kocic sends numerous aggressive mails - sometimes extremely crude -, demanding of geolog-mrak that he reveals his identity and that he acknowledges the efficacity of the gadget, threatening him of all kinds of legal proceeding.

The two fellows, Mr. Zujic and Mr. Kocic, have by the way associated in this undertaking in intimidation and coertion of the "pyramids" opponents, judging by a letter from Mr. Zujic (bs) published by Stultitia [5], in which they make a new ultimatum until Monday: if geolog-mrak does not empty his blog of what he wrote about Aqua Mundi gadget, he is threatened of ruin, of loosing his job, of loosing the right to obtain visas to visit foreign countries and so on. Mr. Zujic even proposes to buy from Mr. Kocic "a part of the patent" of the gadget, so as to be able to associate with him in the legal proceeding...

I do not know wether these two Foundation collaborators will actually go to trial - I think they have much more to loose than to win before a judge, seeing the delirious and abusive tone of some of their mails; but it is evident that there is here a strategy, aiming at frightening and intimidating the opponents. And during this time, Mr. Semir Osmanagic goes on posing as open-minded and tolerant...