Article published on 11 June 2006

by Irna

Why should one take an interest in Mr. Osmanagic’s personality, or in the personality of the members of the team mustered by the "Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation"? The pyramid supporters usually reject the questions pertaining to Mr. Osmanagic’s, or his collaborators’, qualifications, saying they are ad hominem arguments, and they demand that the "discoveries" be valued independently of the discoverer’s personality (see for instance this post (en) on the forum

However, I think that, in this affair, obtaining precise informations about the pyramid team is very important. Not with the aim of using an argument by authority (as would be for instance "Mr. Osmanagic is not an archaologist, therefore his discovery has no value"), but rather because:
 archaeological excavations require a high degree of technical and scientific competence; everyone, having taken part in excavations, moreover on a prehistoric site, knows to which extent it is easy to "invent" artifacts, or on the contrary to irremediably destroy artifacts or essential evidence. An excavation is always destructive (when the sediment and artifacts are gone, there is no way to go back to the former state of the site), so that one is justified in demanding of the team some basic qualifications, and precautions in the ways the excavations are done.
 it is even more so in this case, where the claims about this site are extraordinary (gigantic pyramids, much older than the Egyptian ones, in a region where there are no other traces of the civilization able to build these monuments). These claims - which, if confirmed, would question a large part of our knowledge of Europe prehistory - need undisputable scientific proofs; that is why the scientific qualification of the team is essential.
 last but not least, Mr. Osmanagic himself and his Foundation and supporters are frequently using - or trying to use - the appeal to authority (this scientist coming to Visoko is called "Nobel prize candidate", this other one "leader archaeologist" and so on). As these claims are, as will be seen, frequently doubtful, it is quite legitimate to bring in question the real competences - and even the composition - of the team.