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Google doesn’t like Bosnian scientists
Article published on 14 June 2006

by Irna


I have shown here that a large part of the foreign scientists, claimed by Mr. Osmanagic in 2006 to be part of his team, never intended in fact to participate in his project. If one now takes an interest in the local members of the "scientific team", one will soon discover that Google, as well as Google Scholar, have a strong prejudice against the scientists from the Balkans, and refuses to give any results about their works or academic titles. Of course, Google does not explore the entire Web, and it can be admitted that works in Bosnian, made in a small Bosnian university, cannot obtain an international reputation. But there still are, in this team, some names for which one cannot find any link to any university, any reference whatsoever - excepting of course links to pages related to the "pyramids". If you make for instance, with the name Silvana Cobanov (Tchobanov), most cited archaeologist, this Google request (you mustn’t forget the declensions of the word "piramida"), the result is enlightening [1].

If you make the same request with the name of Sasa (Sacha) Jankovic, another archaeologist, you will find a basketball player, a member of a trade union, the legal adviser of a political movement for democratic rights, a records producer, a student from a German university... (you will have noticed that it is a very frequent name in Bosnia and in Serbia). More surprising, if you make a research with the pseudo used in the email address given on the Foundation website for Mr. Jankovic (stellarchaser at hotmail.com), you will only find links to philatelic websites, as well as a few announcements - and these are not really child-friendly. And still more surprising, on the forum Archaeologica.org (en), a young man named Alex (en) (Sacha is the diminutive for Alexander), using the same pseudo "stellarchaser", introduces himself as a former student in archaeology, who had to stop studying because of the war [2]...

Google also ignores the historian Sehovic Muamer, as well as the "graduate engineers" Goran Cakic (unless Mr. Cakic is at the same time a basketball player ?) and Hido Nukic, or the "graduate engineers in geology" Nadija Nukic, Ibrica Repisti, Almir Sabovic... To make it short, all these people do exist (one can see their photographs on the Foundation website, their statements are mentioned in the newspapers), but are very far from being known scientists, they haven’t published anything, nor participated in international conferences, have no link with whatsoever university...