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  INTERVIEW WITH DR. MOHAMED I. ALY / Part-I - 08.09.2006.

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Aly, had spent several hours today examining the excavation sites near the plateau of the Pyramid of the Moon. After a detailed examination of the area, he agreed for a short interview.


“What I have seen today is extraordinary.  This is a manmade structure, which could be anything, although I don’t know for sure if it’s a pyramid”.


Are you saying that this is not a pyramid?


“l did not say that.  I am saying that this structure could be also a shrine or a temple, I don’t know yet if this is a pyramid. What I do know is the fact that this structure is manmade”.


Professor Aly, we have had many archaeologists and geologists here, including Dr. Schoch, a respectable geologist from The United States, Dr .Harding from UK, etc. All of these experts have stated that all this was created by nature. What do you think about that?


“I don’t know who these people are, and what they were thinking”.


Pointing at the several rows of tile like shaped stones, Dr. Aly exclaimed;


“Look at this!  Do you think that nature makes such perfect stones?  Look at the shape, pattern and the edges of these stones ! This is the work of human hands, not nature “.


So, why would these experts say such things?


“There are two reasons; Jealousy, which happens everywhere and all the time. Second reason is the fact that they would like to be the part of this, but cannot. Different people have different motives, but Mr. Osmanagic doesn’t need these people, since he already proved that these structures are manmade. The place where we stand now is an “Archaeological Site”, not a hill (referring to the pyramid of the Moon). .  I have many years of experience in such field, and I know what I am talking about “.


So, you agree with Mr. Osmanagic ?


“I agree with everything, although I am still not 100% sure about the pyramid, the structure is confusing, and we need to figure this out. The most astonishing part is that we have no artifacts, nor organic remains (on this particular site). I am confident that we’ll find something.  Perhaps (hypothetically speaking), there was already a pre-existing hill, which ancient people coated  for a specific purpose. We need to find these answers. One thing is for sure, Mr. Osmanagic was right, the objects that I have seen so far are manmade. Mr. Osmanagic has plenty of evidence, and no one should rely on the opinions of the scientists you mentioned” .


Note; Second interview scheduled in couple of days.


Merima B.

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