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Interview with Professor ENVER IMAMOVIĆ - from Sarajevo University


The first opponent against the idea that the Pyramids exist in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was professor Enver    Imamović who teaches at the UNIVERSITY in-Sarajevo. He is also the former director of the State Museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the civil war that took place in early 1990s.


He is the most quoted Bosnian critic who condemns the research of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, and his statements that he gave to the foreign press, are the back bone to many foreign scientists that rely on his opinion, such as: archeologists , geologists, historians and many other scientists from various fields.


The interview with Professor Enver IMAMOVIC is below.

Note: The Foundation has inserted several illustrations and certain parts of the texts are written in red ink, just to highlight Prof. Imamovic’s judgments and claims, so that our readers can judge better for themselves.



This Inteview was conducted by: Merima Bojić: History and Political science major, the student at  UCLA (Los Angeles), USA


BOJIĆ: Prof. Imamović can you hear me?

IMAMOVIC: I can hear you.




BOJIĆ: Ok. We can hear each other professor Imamović. This conversation will be recorded, and you are aware of this, so I just want to confirm that you are aware, and this interview will be published.


BOJIĆ:  The subject that we are talking about is the pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Visoko. Mr. Semir Osmanagić is firmly stating that they exist, and you are stating the opposite.

IMAMOVIĆ:  That's right. 

BOJIĆ: Can you give me any information or reasons why you firmly believe that the pyramids do not exist?

IMAMOVIĆ:  First of all, those locations, not only the areas around Visoko, but the areas of the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, were thoroughly archaeologically researched.

Prof. Senad Hodović, 18 years director of the Native Visoko Museum, his statement:

„The area of the mediaeval city of Visoko has never been thoroughly researched.


Prof. dr. Enver Imamović: „Ovaj lokalitet je izuzetno arheološki istražen“

Imamović: ... There are a large number of publications, there is a lexicon, where the locations in question are recorded, and it says who had explored these particular locations, and what was found there. Therefore, all of the archaeologists are very familiar with Visoko and its surrounding locations. The location, where he is looking for the so-called pyramids is the simple hill of the geological substance, the same as the rest of that area. Besides that, the archaeologists and the historians are well aware about the remains in those hills, the remains dating from the several epochs ago, meaning, from the thousands of years ago.  . At the same place were the so-called Illyrian ramparts, also, the settlement from the prehistoric era.  In addition to that, 4000 years ago, there was also a fortress, and bellow that was a communal settlement. In the mid ages, there was a communal settlement bellow the city.  In the past, we had come across the traces of those edifices, and constructions, and therefore, wherever one digs will find those remains.


This photo shows the aerial snapshot of the ancient city of Visoki, completely devastated, since it was neglected for decades, including the archaeological structures in question.  In June of 2006, The Federal Ministry of Culture had formed its own expert team, since the city of Visoko was in such poor condition.  This team had accused the responsible officials for this matter, for neglecting the city, and for their ignorance, lack of the interest, and long term negligence of those cultural institutions that were in charge at the time. Let’s keep in mind that this area was supposed to be protected as the national heritage, and also, let’s keep in mind what professor Imamovic has stated.  Knowing all these facts that he never paid any interest to these locations, nor to the city of Visoko until now, we may wonder why he complains now.


IMAMOVIĆ:  If we are talking about the tunnels that so-called researcher is talking about, than we are talking about the mine pits. It has been always known that in pre-historic age, the Roman age and the medieval age, these mine pits were used for iron excavations, and therefore, that’s why we have these tunnels    


BOJIĆ: Can you, please, sorry for interrupting you, I have to interrupt you here.  Can you please tell me who and when did all the mining in that area?


IMAMOVIĆ: The mining took place for a long time, and it was written and published in the books about this.  I cannot remember now, but it was published in lexicons of the State Museum.

BOJIĆ: Are you telling me that you don’t know this?


IMAMOVIĆ:  There are the monographs about the city of Visoko, which several authors wrote about.

BOJIĆ: But, Prof. Imamović, I have been to Visoko, and visited this ancient city, and there is no evidence that the mining excavations ever took place.

 IMAMOVIĆ: the evidence was written in the books, and also published.

BOJIĆ: What books professor Imamović?

IMAMOVIĆ:  The Archaeological lexicon of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BOJIĆ: What types of minerals were excavated?


IMAMOVIĆ:  Excuse me?

IMAMOVIĆ: There is a lexicon about the biology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it also mentions such things, and there are also the monographs of Visoko, written by several authors. .


BOJIĆ: However, we know that the gold pits never existed there, nor any mining pits of copper, or the iron, etc., so why are you talking about such things?


IMAMOVIĆ:  How come that you are claiming that they never existed?

BOJIĆ: No, no…. I saw that.


BOJIĆ: I am asking you this from the objective, academic stand point of view

IMAMOVIĆ:  Pay attention, we are talking here about the mining pits, many skeletons of the former miners were found in the past, including the equipment that they had used in those mining pits, and besides that, that entire hill, which is the geological area is full of caverns, meaning, those are also natural caves, and satellite photos taken show this. Those that are not experts can interpret this as the secret tunnels of some pyramids, but the fact is that they are natural caves, we call it caverns. At the same time, there are also the mining pits for the reasons I just mentioned.

Enver Hasić, MA, the expert for Mining Science- from the Coal Mine Institution, Zenica    (on the left side of this photo), is shown beside the megalith block –found in the underground tunnel.


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: „Pay attention, we are talking about the mining pits“

„The fact is that these are not the mining pits or natural caves.“ 


BOJIĆ: Prof. Imamovic, I understand. How can you explain the intersections in the tunnels at angles of 45 degrees?


IMAMOVIĆ:  I don’t believe that. He is just making things up.


BOJIĆ: Who is making things up?


IMAMOVIĆ: Everything that those researchers are talking about has not been investigated, nor published in any scientific magazine.


 The photo of the underground tunnel Ravne, clearly shows the intersection at the angle of 45 degreesi


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: „I don’t believe that. He is just making things up. “


BOJIĆ: Prof. Imamović I have the information, and I also read on the Foundation’s web, they have the miners from Zenica, Banovići, Kakanj, that are conducting the analysis. They also had the geophysicists from Belgrade, how do you explain this?

IMAMOVIĆ:  That’s not true.


Note; The photo shows Dr. geologist Ali- Barakat (Cairo, Egypt) and Dr. geophysicist, Amer Smailbegović (Reno, Nevada, USA). After the inspection, they have concluded that the tunnels are much older than the medieval century.   


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: “Everything that those researchers are talking about has not been investigated. “   




BOJIĆ:  I was there, I met those people. .

IMAMOVIĆ:  Don’t listen to what he is saying and writing about, that’s different…...

BOJIĆ: I met those professors and geophysicist from Belgrade University.  

IMAMOVIĆ:  It’s not true what he says.

BOJIĆ: But professor, this is not what Osmanagić had told me, I was there, I saw them

IMAMOVIĆ:  Anything could be written in the newspapers, he hasn’t published.....

BOJIĆ: Professor Imamovic, I did not read this in the news, I was there at the same time as the Geophysicists from Belgrade University.

IMAMOVIĆ:  What geophysicists, what engineers?

BOJIĆ: Professor Imamovic, they were there and they were from Belgrade.

IMAMOVIĆ:  That’s not true!

BOJIĆ:  But I was there...

IMAMOVIĆ:  Allow me please, that was a group of people from Tuzla, Bosnia.

BOJIĆ: Professor Imamovic, they had the geophysicists from Belgrade, I saw them, and I had met them.

IMAMOVIĆ: Listen, he may be introducing them that way, all those people are just some students that haven’t even graduated from school yet.  We have here one sophomore student that Osmanagic is introducing as an expert, and that’s the case.

This photo is showing the geophysicists from Belgrade University and they were conducting the analysis from Oct 11 2006.- Oct. 14. 2006.  

The methods used:  seismic refractions, reflection, electromagnetic methods, as well as the geo-radar recording.  The expert team was led by Dr. Dejan Vučković, and other members included the engineers Gejan Miloševski,  Branislav Sretkovič, Dragana Mihić, and Slobodan Jevremović.


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: „What geophysicists, what engineers, those are just students that haven’t even graduated yet“

BOJIĆ: What is the name of that student?

IMAMOVIĆ:  I am not going to mention names but....


Dr.-Ing. Andreas Hasenstab je predvodio njemačke eksperte iz firme LGA Bautechnik GmbH na georadarskom snimanju Bosanske doline piramida u decembru 2006.g.


Prof. dr. Enver Imamović: „Kakvi geofizičari, kakvi inžinjeri, to su nezavršeni studenti.“


Dr.-Engineer. Andreas Hasenstab led the German experts from LGA Bautechnik GmbH and conducted the geo-radar recordings on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, December, 2006.



Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: „What geophysicists, what engineers, those are just students that haven’t even graduated yet“



BOJIĆ: It is very important to mention those names….

IMAMOVIĆ:  Allow me, everything that they are writing about on some websites, is not relevant for the science.  It is important to publish things in the scientific magazine, and none of that was ever published.  Anything could be written and published in the news, and besides that, he is just a businessman with the political science degree, and therefore, he is not the expert. It would be the same as if I started working in the Medical field.  Everything he does could be interesting to the media and to those that are not aware about the difference between archaeology, geology and ethnology.  


Semir Osmanagić (Masters in Political Sciences, Masters in international economics, 2 years of sociology also Masters, and wrote his PhD dissertation on History of Civilizations, titled “The World of the Mayas.  Osmanagic is also the author of several books that are published in The United States, Turkey, Estonia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  All his personal trips and research is financed through his own Houston based company. (USA).


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: „ he is just a businessman with the political science degree, and therefore, he is not the expert. “


BOJIĆ: Thank you prof. Imamović for this explanation.  

IMAMOVIĆ: And all other archaeologists said the same thing about him.

BOJIĆ: How do you explain prof. Mohamed Ibrahim Ally, he was also there in Visoko, he is the expert from Egypt. He also conducted his research there and confirmed the man made structures there?  The second thing that I would like to know is your opinion about Dr. Ally Barakat, who was sent by the Egyptian Government. He conducted the research there for 42 days.  Also, what do you have to say about prof. Andretti , the geologist from Italy?  He was in Visoko several times, also confirmed all these analysis.


Profesor Mohamed Ibrahim Aly, Dr. Egyptologist also the archaeologist, was one of the leading experts (Cairo, Egypt). After detailed inspection of all locations in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, he had stated to the “associated press” in Sarajevo: “the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is the important archaeological site; the Foundation should not pay attention to its critics and opponents”.


Dr. Geologist, Aly Barakat (Cairo, Egypt), has more than 25-years of experience in his field in archaeology and geology of the ancient Egypt, also researched the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. In his presentation to the Bosnian authorities in Visoko, he had stated:  “The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids has the complex of underground tunnels, which is the work of human hands”.

MA, Lamia El Hadidi the archaeologist and Egyptologist, has 20 years of experience (Cairo, Egypt), also confirmed that the Pyramid of the Moon is the stone- man made structure.

IMAMOVIĆ:  Those of you that are claiming that Egyptian experts came; well the Egyptian pyramids are one thing, right? Secondly, they are the geologists, what does the geology have in common with archaeology, please?  Geology is one thing and archaeology is the second thing.  What does the geology have to do with the pyramids?  

BOJIĆ:  well, you know what…...

IMAMOVIĆ:  That is an absurd!

BOJIĆ: You teach History?

IMAMOVIĆ:  And archaeology.

BOJIĆ: And archaeology

BOJIĆ: What period?

IMAMOVIĆ:  Excuse me?

BOJIĆ: What period?

IMAMOVIĆ:  The Ancient period, prehistory and ancient time.  

BOJIĆ: Give me the specific period.

IMAMOVIĆ:  Prehistory, ancient time and all up to Middle Ages. I am the expert for all this.

BOJIĆ: Prof.Imamović, I have to ask you this, when did you visit Visoko?

IMAMOVIĆ:  Often, I come from that area.

BOJIĆ: Did you visit those locations?

IMAMOVIĆ:  Of course.

BOJIĆ: So, you were there when the excavations took place?

IMAMOVIĆ:  No, I was not; there is no need to go.

BOJIĆ: Prof. Imamović, sorry to interrupt you..

IMAMOVIĆ:  He is ruining the remains of the epochs that are behind us...

BOJIĆ: Prof. Imamović I have to ask you, wait just for a second…Tell me, I have to ask you from the objective stand point of view; are you saying that you never visited those locations, since the excavations have taken place?

IMAMOVIĆ:  That’ right, I have not been there since.  

BOJIĆ: I visited those locations, I saw the blocks, neatly lying down and so on, and how can you explain this?

IMAMOVIĆ: I have told you, those are the remains 4000 years old, from prehistory, the Roman times and Middle Age.  Those are house foundations several centuries old...

BOJIĆ: But if they are house foundations, they would look different Pr. Imamovic.

The photo shows the concrete walls on the Northern side of the Sun pyramid with the angles, almost identical to the Khufu Pyramid in Egypt.


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: “Those are house foundations several centuries old “.



IMAMOVIĆ:  The remains of the street pavements and roads. .

BOJIĆ: Why do they look like terraces?

IMAMOVIĆ:  Excuse me?

BOJIĆ: Why is the Moon Pyramid or Pljesavica Mountain, terrace like shaped?  IMAMOVIĆ: Because it is the hollow hill, just like any Mountain in the world, those are geological formations. My colleagues from the Geological Institute had explained it even better. Those of you who are not aware, you should accept the fact when someone tells you, those formations are rocks and stones, made of sediment.

Such rocks are found all over Bosnia, those are sediments and such blocks fracture at right angles. It’s nothing but a natural hill.




The photo shows the carved stone blocks on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon 


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: „ Because it is the hollow hill, just like any Mountain in the world, those are geological formations. “

BOJIĆ: Prof. Imamović, how do you explain the stone balls?

IMAMOVIĆ:  Same thing, also the work of nature just like anything else in the world.

BOJIĆ: Prof. Imamović, this is not a specific explanation. Such stone balls were found only in Mexico, Costa Rica, New Zeeland and maybe Australia, and now in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Explain this fact?

IMAMOVIĆ:  How do you know that Norway for example, doesn’t have them or Congo?

BOJIĆ: Well, they haven’t been found there yet....

IMAMOVIĆ:  Well you know only what they tell you. Such stone balls, the spherical stones are found everywhere in the world, in the places that were covered by ice.  Those are the creations from the ice age, do you understand me?


BOJIĆ: Yes, but they have not been found yet in Norway, Germany, Austria nor any other country.

IMAMOVIĆ:  They exist in Norway, they exist everywhere...

BOJIĆ: But they haven’t been discovered there yet, professor Imamović.

IMAMOVIĆ:  Excuse me?     


BOJIĆ: They have not been found there yet professor. Imamović.

IMAMOVIĆ:  I can tell you that they have been found. Any place on the planet that was covered by ice has them.  Look for these things in the US; you have them there too, read the Geology of the US.  The Grand Canyon, who had built it?

BOJIĆ: What do you think?

IMAMOVIĆ:  Yes indeed, I am asking you. Those are the remains, created through Geological phases. It was not built by humans. The canyon existed before the humans, for million years.

One of the 8 stone balls found, with perfect spherical shape, in Teočak, near Tuzla. Granite “Never” comes in nature spherically shaped like this.


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: „ Same thing, also the work of nature just like anything else in the World. “

BOJIĆ: Let me ask you the next question. How do you explain Gornje Vratnice?


BOJIĆ: Yes, how?

IMAMOVIĆ:  I didn’t understand the question.

BOJIĆ: How can you explain Gornje Vratnice? I went to visit Gornje Vratnice, and have seen the stone blocks, also neatly carved and lying down and have the wavy pattern on top. Pr. Dr. Egyptologist- Mohamed Ibrahim Allyhad said that the pattern had its purpose to connect the blocks. Pr. Ally had showed me the difference between the joints that are man made and those that are natural, and according to Pr. Ally, the structure in Gornje Vratnice is also man made. How do you explain that?

IMAMOVIĆ: Look, everything you are asking, and the fact that I am answering to such questions is funny.  He is talking about some connecting joints and concrete blocks from the time when people were living in caves. For God’s sake, I told you this yesterday; what connecting joints, what concrete? At the time, the man lived in a cave, could not build even a house, not even to mention some connecting joints and cement.  How could he build the pyramids?  This is extremely silly, an absurd.  And those telling you such things are not experts.

This detail shows the plateau with the plated blocks, having the mosaic of the smaller blocks, 12 cm thick. This is the northern side of the Toprakalija elevation, in Gornje Vratnice. On the top of theses blocks, there is the wavy pattern, identical pattern is found on the Moon Pyramid


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: „Look, everything you are asking, and the fact that I am answering to such questions is funny. At the time people were living in caves. They could not build even houses “


Professor Dario Andretta, Dr. Geologist, also a Rector at Lumuci University in Vatican.


Prof. Dr. Enver Imamović: „Andretta? Those are the anonyms, so-called experts’




IMAMOVIĆ: We are talking about the monuments that I already mentioned, the prehistoric, the Roman and midlevel monuments.

BOJIĆ: Prof. Imamović, Mr. Osmanagić is not excavating even near the Old City- that dates from King Tvrtko I.   I was there, I saw that...

IMAMOVIĆ:  Where are they looking for the pyramid than, on the bottom of the hill?

BOJIĆ: They are excavating from the bottom towards the top.

IMAMOVIĆ:  So how tall would that pyramid be, 100.000m?

BOJIĆ: The experts say about 200 and plus meters, and apparently a lot taller than the Khufu Pyramid.

The signatures of the members of Federal Ministry of culture. In June,2006. the ministry had concluded beyond the doubt, the Fondation is not causing any harm or threat to city of Visoko.


Prof. dr. Enver Imamović: „Because he ( Osmanagic) will responsible for ruining those monuments.

IMAMOVIĆ: We are talking about the monuments that I already mentioned, the prehistoric, the Roman and midlevel monuments.

BOJIĆ: Prof. Imamović, Mr. Osmanagić is not excavating even near the Old City- that dates from King Tvrtko I.   I was there, I saw that...

IMAMOVIĆ:  Where are they looking for the pyramid than, on the bottom of the hill?

BOJIĆ: They are excavating from the bottom towards the top.

IMAMOVIĆ:  So how tall would that pyramid be, 100.000m?

BOJIĆ: The experts say about 200 and plus meters, and apparently a lot taller than the Khufu Pyramid.

The excavations on the Sun Pyramid are taking place significantly further from the Ancient City..


Prof. dr. Enver Imamović: Where are they looking for the pyramid than, on the bottom of the hill ?“

IMAMOVIĆ:  I fail every student who doesn't know such things.

BOJIĆ: Let's not talk about that.




IIMAMOVIĆ:  It is silly to even talk about it.   

BOJIĆ: Prof.Imamović, this is just the interview, you don't have to be upset over this.

IMAMOVIĆ: Ok, but I don't have the time any more, the students are waiting for me. I have given you 15 minutes of my time, and I don't have the time any more. I have to hang up the phone soon.  

BOJIĆ: Prof. Šehić from your University had told me yesterday that Mr. Osmanagić „owns the media outlets in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, and he also said that Osmanagić „was sitting for a long time, thinking how to hoax the pyramids one day“. How can one person sit all these years and think about the scam like this?

IMAMOVIĆ: I don't know anything about that, I am just telling you that he has nothing to do with the science.  It can be amusing to the media and the public, but it has nothing to do with the science. This is the scientific stand point of view.  

BOJIĆ: I don't want to waste much of your time, but you have not answered my question; why don't you go to Visoko, so you can see what I had seen?


IMAMOVIĆ:  There is no need for me to go there, there is nothing to be seen.

BOJIĆ: How can you talk like this prof. Imamovic?

IMAMOVIĆ:  Because I am very familiar with the entire area of that place.

BOJIĆ: You cannot go even to visit the plateau of the Moon Pyramid?

IMAMOVIĆ:  What Pyramid for God's sake ? I am telling you, this is silly for the science, I am not the journalist, I am the archaeologist, I have to hang up now, my students are waiting for me.


The photo shows the plateau OF THE Moon Pyramid.



BOJIĆ: O.K. I never got your e-mail you promised to send....

IMAMOVIĆ:  I am very busy night and day; I have the exams and a lot of students..

BOJIĆ: But you and professor Šehić had promised to send me your e-mail, which will prove that Osmanagić’s hypotheses are wrong. I never got that e-mail from you.  

IMAMOVIĆ:  I don’t know what he said…..

BOJIĆ: No, no... You have said that.

IMAMOVIĆ:  What did I say?

BOJIĆ: You said that you would send me that e-mail, and you promised that yesterday morning.  

IMAMOVIĆ:  I don’t have the time, I cannot do it now, and I have the exams.  

BOJIĆ: When are you going to have the time, professor Imamović, and can you tell me one more thing?

IMAMOVIĆ:  I am in a hurry.

BOJIĆ: O.K. just for the record, you are claiming that this entire thing is a huge hoax and none of the Osmanagic’s claims are true?

IMAMOVIĆ:  That’s right.

BOJIĆ: Can you tell me why someone should believe you?

IMAMOVIĆ:  I did not say that, no one has to believe me.

BOJIĆ: Why shouldn’t someone believe to those Egyptologists; Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Ally, Lamija El Hadidi, Ally Barakat etc.? Why should someone believe you?

IMAMOVIĆ:  You don’t have to believe me, people can judge for themselves. Any smart person can judge whom to believe.  

BOJIĆ: What is this supposed to mean?

IMAMOVIĆ: excuse me?

BOJIĆ: What is that supposed to mean?

IMAMOVIĆ:  I cannot convince you to believe in something or not to believe. It was a pleasure to speak to you; I have to end this phone conversation, since I have the exams.  

BOJIĆ: All right, Professor Imamovic.


Imamovic: Take care.

Bojic: Likewise.


The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in the winter

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