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Fondacija Arheološki Park: BOSANSKA PIRAMIDA SUNCA

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Bosanska dolina piramida knjiga 

Written by Theresa Dolores   
- 07.05.2007

The former president of the European Association of Archaeologists, Anthony Harding from UK , gave an interview to our associate. This archaeologist is currently working on a project on a new project relating to ancient salt exploitation in Romania .  He wrote very negatively about the research project in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and he became famous for that. 

In this interview, Dr. Harding is claiming that he spent two hours on the Pyramid of the Sun, which is quite different from his statement in Sarajevo , where he admitted that he spent only 15 minutes on one archaeological location.  Mr. Harding knows nothing about the Pyramid of the Moon, the network of tunnels, the stone balls nor Dr. Barakat who spent 42 days researching the archaeological locations in Visoko.  Dr. Harding knows nothing about the stone shrine in Gornje Vratnice but he still firmly claims that everything is naturally made and “this is all rubbish”.

In addition to this, he is relying on the Bosnian experts but when asked about professor Imamovic, who is supposed to be one of the leading Bosnian experts, Professor Harding claimed that "Imamović is not the professor, nor the archaeologist".

This interview shows his arrogance and lack of the manners.

Theresa Dolores & Dr. Harding interview


T. D; Can you please wait for a moment, let me just set my recorder. For the record, can you please tell me what it is that you for a living please?  

Harding;    I teach archaeology at the University of Exeter in the UK . 

T. D; OK. The subject that we will be talking about is the allegedly pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina .  As much as I am aware, you visited the location in question and can you please tell me what you observed over there? 

Harding-   Yes, I visited the location, one of the locations, because I was on my way to Sarajevo about the different matter, all together, and I heard about some crazy ideas, about the pyramids in Bosnia, and in order to avoid the charge of having condemned something we haven’t seen, I and my colleagues called in about the hill in question, Visocica, and we saw trenches that have been opened and we saw the exposure of natural rocks.  


T.D.-   Ok, can you tell me the names of your colleagues you just mentioned? 
Harding;   I mean, this is all in a public domain already but I was there with my colleague Frederick Novakovic from Ljubljana and my colleague Sovijak F. from Prague.
T. D;   OK.  What can you tell me about the underground tunnels that they are talking about? 
Harding;   NOTHING

T. D.   Nothing  ?  OK. I have another question for you; can you tell me why is Plesavica  or the Moon Pyramid, or whatever they call it, is terrace like shaped?   


Harding;  I don’t know anything about that.
T. D; OK.  Based on what I have seen on the pictures on their web- site I have seen the blocks that look like tiles, and on top of that, they have the same wavy pattern and texture as on location in Gornje Vratnice- the alleged temple. Can you give me your opinion on that? 


Harding;   There are many things in a natural world that look as artificial but anyone with any experience of archaeology or geology can tell apart the works of nature from the works of humans, and in this case, what looks like the paving or the paving strata, I can assure you that they are entirely natural in origin.


T. D;  OK. Can you tell me what those hills are? 
Harding; Excuse me ? 
T. D.; Can you tell me what do you think those hills are?
Harding;  The hills? 
T. D. ;  Yes, those hills?


T. D.;   Ok. I have the next question Dr. Harding.  Can you tell me how are they made?  
Harding;  We are talking the geology here. I am not the geologist. You have to ask the geologist how the geological formations get formed.  
T. D.  OK. What can you tell me about the stone balls? 
Harding;  About what? 
T. D.;  About the stone balls.
Harding;  The stone balls?
T. D:  Yes, about the stone balls which they are finding in Bosnia .
Harding;  I am afraid that I know nothing about the stone balls.  

T. D.  Well, I have been looking on their website and I have seen the stone balls and I saw…...
Harding;  If you are looking on their web-site, I mean, you know; I would like to ask you why are you looking on their web-site? Why don’t you do a little research and find out what actually happens in pre-history.  I mean, these people are crack-pots and if you go to every “crack-pot” web-site and take what they say is true, you know, you may as well go to the world of  “total fantasy”.  

T.D.  Can you tell me what you think about the Professor Enver Imamović from Sarajevo ?
Harding;. I really don’t have an opinion about him. He is not a professor anyway; is he?

T.D.   Yes he is.
Harding;  Of course he is not!

T.D. He is also an archaeologist. 
Harding;  He is not an archaeologist.

T. D. OK.  I would like to ask you when did you visit Bosnia ? 
Harding;  Last June.  

T.D.  Can you give me your opinion about the Egyptian expert, Dr. Ally Barakat ?
Harding;  I am afraid that I cannot, I don’t know him.

T.D.  I am just asking, since I know that he spent 42 days there, conducting the analyses. He is a geologist……..
Harding; I don’t know but I am very suspicious about it.   

T.D.   Can you tell me why you are so suspicious about it?  
Harding;  He is not someone with the background with this type of work, as far as I know 

T.D.   Professor Harding, I have the information that he spent 42 days there; he conducted many analyses and confirmed the existence of the pyramids in Bosnia . 
Harding; hee.., hee . I think you have to look more into his pedigree.  

T.D. Ok I have read somewhere that he has about 35 years of  experience and that’s why I wanted to hear your opinion.   
Harding; I know nothing about him.

T.D; OK I have another question.  
Harding;  Let it be the last one , I’ve got things to do.  

T.D.  OK. You said that you visited Bosnia last June?  
Harding;  Yes

T.D.  Can you give me any evidence that you actually did some research work there, to make sure that those hills are hills instead of the pyramids?
Harding; Yes, I used my eyes.

T.D.   Your eyes?
Harding;  Yes, my eyes, and they are very good actually.  

T.D. II am sorry, can you tell me how long where you there for?
Harding;  I was there for a couple of hours.

T.D.  Just for couple of hours?  I am sorry, here is the last question. Why should someone believe you, you spent there only couple of hours?  There were many archaeologists and geologist who spent a lot more time there and they are claiming something completely the opposite from what you just told me.


Harding;  Because trained archaeologist, which I am and Mr. Osmanagic isn’t, can easily tell, very quickly and it is the matter of 2 or 3 minutes to tell if something is natural or artificial.  I mean, I know that for nonscientific people this fact doesn’t mean much but that’s the case here. Anyone with any knowledge about the geology knew immediately that these claims about the pyramids were just rubbish. I mean, it does not take much to learn and to know that, and a little bit of reading about the real experts in Bosnia , the experts who know what they are talking about. They are people with the experience and you will see that the claims about the pyramids in Bosnia have to be complete rubbish.  

T.D. Dr. Harding, I was basing it on Dr. Barakat and the fact that he spent 42 days there. He comes from the land of the pyramids... 
Harding;  I will for sure see what I can find out about Dr. Barakat and I will see what his pedigree is. OK?
T.D; OK, Thank you very much for you time.   
Harding: Good bye. 

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