Committee for Geology

The Committee gives recommendations to the Board of the Directors about phases of geological research, laboratory analyses, excavations, restoration and long-term protection of the pyramid complex.

Nađija Nukić, Degree in Engineering - Geology, Sarajevo, BiH

Dr.Sci. Stjepan Ćorić, geologist and paleontologist, Austrian Geological Society

Dr.Sci. Ramo Kurtanović, geologist, Faculty of Geology, University of Tuzla

Ibrica Repisti, Degree in Engineering - Geology, Kotor, Serbia and Montenegro

Nedim Jukan, Degree in Engineering - Geology, Tuzla, BiH

Mehmed Burgić, Degree in Engineering - Geology, Sarajevo BiH

Almir �abović, Degree in Engineering - Geology, Tuzla, BiH

We invite all interested geologists to voluntarily take part in the largest archaeological project in Europe in 2006, in accordance with their availability and free time. Send registration for work or voluntary work to the coordinator of the Committee for Geology, including an indication of the available period of service