K2019, endgame
Article published on 17 July 2020

by Gollum Illuminati
"The story of humanity written in the books is wrong" : which books are we talking about?

Since Fehmi Krasniqi, director of the film K2019 Great Pyramid, does not seem to have time to devote to reading archaeological studies (odd for someone who claims to revolutionize History), here are some photos which are sufficient in themselves to contradict the assertions of this gentleman.

1/ “the natural limestone nummulites are perfectly aligned”

Photo of limestone nummulites on Giza Plateau – lying higgledy-piggledy

2/ "the Egyptians heated the limestone to prepare concrete”

Limestone blocks in course of extraction from quarries on the Giza Plateau

3/ "the Egyptians made molds to make their statues"

Unfinished sculpted stone statues, with perfectly visible traces of cutting tools

4/ "the blocks of the pyramids were molded against each other"

Mortars situated between unsquared exterior and interior blocks loosely arranged within the pyramids

5/ "the Egyptians could not cut hard stone vases"

Experimental archaeological reproductions of hard stone vases. Unfinished hard stone vases.

6/ "the Olmec statues represent typical faces of black Africa"

Olmec statues compared with present day inhabitants of the Americas

In addition:

Marks left by cutting tools to be found everywhere in the quarries. Unfinished blocks present everywhere.
One part of the granite block casing of the pyramid of Menkaure is unfinished.
Experimental archaeology: cutting granite with dolerite balls.
Melting granite in the open air vitrifies it beyond recall.

Do we really need any more?