Mars, Egypt, and Bosnia
Article published on 2 February 2007

by Irna

Two months after the publishing of his first text in the heading "Iz mog ugla", where he tries to demonstrate that the "pyramids" of Visoko were in fact gigantic survival rafts, Goran Cakic is back on the Foundation website, with a really revolutionary text that will shake all our scientific certainties. Unfortunately, this monument of the scientific thought has not been translated in English, you can only read it in Bosnian (but the pictures in the text are a marvel by themselves!). Called "superupitnik" ("super-questioner") by the Anti-Pyramid-Web-Ring (bs) bloggers, Mr. Cakic assumes this name and gives his text the title: "Ponovo “Ko, kada i zašto?“ (bs)" ("Again, who, when and why?") [1].

The text begins with a praise of the curiosity of which one can only approve, but it swiftly degenerates into a defense of the right to say and publish anything, and in a rejection of any criticism, based on an unclear pseudo-freudian analysis of Bosnian "pyramids" opponents personality. Mr. Cakic then writes a long paragraph about his respect for Semir Osmanagic, whose ideas are, according to him, definitively proven, and whose "scientific method" he approves of (by the way, we can learn there that this method consisted in "looking at the Earth around him, then searching for the place where he could find what has existed a long time in the firmament"???).

Then Mr. Cakic enters the real subject with this map of the three great pyramids in Giza:

and asks a first question: why are not these three pyramids aligned on the "ideal" diagonal? The answer, he says, is in the firmament:

and precisely in this series of stars:

that the intent reader will have recognized for the stars of Orion belt. Then one just has to put side by side the two pictures:

and that will release a lot of new questions: are the three great pyramids a representation of these stars? Who chose to do that, and why precisely in Giza? and so on...

Until now, nothing really extraordinary, Mr. Cakic has just used Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval’s theory, as published in "The Orion Mystery" (see here (en) for instance a short explanation of this theory, or on numerous New Age websites where you will by the way find a lot of similarities with Mr. Osmanagic’s ideas).

But then, Mr. Cakic really takes off, to Mars:

You think: well, pyramids on Mars, there is nothing new in this... Except that what Mr. Cakic has in mind are not the classical five sided "pyramids" on Cydonia (see here (en) for instance), no, "his" martian pyramids are much more imposing:

The "pyramids" compared here by Mr. Cakic to the Giza ones are called Arsia Mons, Pavonis Mons, Ascraeus Mons and Olympus Mons, the four greatest volcanoes on Mars... And in the rest of the text he insists on it, for instance Olympus Mons is systematically called "the Olympus Pyramid"...

What does Mr. Cakic deduce from this comparison between the "martian pyramids" and the ones in Giza? Many questions, and also a few answers: first, that the Mars "pyramids" are much more ancient than the Egyptian ones; then, that the Ancien Egyptians have "forgotten" a "pyramid", the Olympus one; and last that, as the Ancient Egyptian could not have seen these "pyramids" on Mars, nor go there, someone had to show them how to make their own. Who? someone from Visoko...

Mr. Cakic’s demonstration of the Visoko connection is based on two elements :

 the first is Robert Schoch’s visit in Visoko; the author seems to believe that Robert Schoch, before he came to Bosnia, was on a "secret mission" in Egypt, looking for the secrets chambers in Kheops pyramid and in the Sphinx where has been hidden the forgotten knowledge of Atlantis (and if you don’t believe this, Mr. Cakic is advising you to read Robert Bauval’s book, "Secret chamber"). Robert Schoch came to Bosnia because he couldn’t find anything in Egypt, and that is enough evidence of a link between the two countries...

 the second element is the way the Bosnian "pyramids" are disposed:

This picture is supposed to represent the position of the pyramids of the Moon, of the Earth (Muris Osmanagic’s "amphitheater") and of the Dragon. And what about the pyramid of the Sun?

The answer is very simple: it is located at the exact place, according to Mr. Cakic, that corresponds with the location of the greatest martian "pyramid", Olympus.

Thus this brilliant conclusion: as only the four pyramids in Visoko (the fifth one, the "pyramid of Love", seems to play no part in this story) do exactly represent the four martian pyramids, it means that the Visoko pyramids are older than the Egyptian ones, and that these Egyptian pyramids are only copies (and erroneous copies) of the original ones in Visoko!

I just regret that Mr. Cakic did not try to solve for us the main mystery: who build Olympus Mons?

Ponovo "Ko, kada i zašto ?"
Goran Cakic - Téléchargé le 1er octobre 2006