Mysterious spheres...
Article published on 26 August 2006

by Irna

To finish with what I called the "preliminary evidence", which Mr. Osmanagic used in order to proclaim the existence of the pyramids even before any excavation was done, there still are the "mysterious stone spheres" (kamene kugle), to which he devoted an entire chapter of his book on "the pyramid of the Sun" (see here for an analysis of this book). These spheres have been deemed by the Foundation sufficiently important for a "Subcommittee for Prehistoric Stone Spheres" to be created, devoted to the study, among other things, of their "energy benefits" (this "subcommittee", as all the other ones, has now disappeared from the Foundation website, but you can find here (en) a copy of the page); are in charge of this committee Mr. Osmanagic’s friends, Bojan Zecevic and Ahmed Bosnic (you can also look, among the news in Bosnian on the Foundation website, at the one from 2006 August 16th (bs), which mentions this "committee" and lists the place where spheres can be found in Bosnia).

What has Mr. Osmanagic to say about these spheres in his book? According to him, they exist in three countries in the world: Costa Rica, Mexico and Bosnia, et are directly linked with the builders of the pyramids of these countries. To make it short (see here for more details about the author’s hypothesis), these spheres are element of a "worldwide energetic network", set with "mathematical accuracy" by the Atlanteans, and are, de facto, sufficient proof of the existence of pyramids in Bosnia.

In his enthousiasm, Mr. Osmanagic mixes in fact quite different phenomena, natural and artificial ones. Let’s begin with the spheres from Costa Rica. These ones are artificial, and are now quite well known; there are still a few "mysteries" about them (especially the question of their aim and use), but neither their age, their origine, nor the method of their manufacturing, represent anymore a great mystery to the archaeologists - contrary to what Mr. Osmanagic (as well as numerous pseudo-archaeological websites) claims. One can find a lot of information about these Costa Rica spheres on this excellent website (en).

The origin of the Mexican spheres seems to be totally different. These are found in the region called Cerro Piedras Bola near Ahualulco del Mercado in Mexico. Their origin is confirmed by several American geological studies, and is linked with the volcanism of the region. This volcanic origin is rejected by Mr. Osmanagic, but on the basis of his total incomprehension of the phenomenon, as he imagines, in his book, volcanoes throwing directly in the air burning spheres. In fact, it is about what geologists call "spherulites", or, better in this case, "megaspherulites" (en) as spherulites are often of microscopic size, that are formed by the crystallization of rhyolithic vitreous material after the eruption and during the cooling of the deposits. These spheres are known in other places (especially in Colorado, Oregon and Arizona in the United States). You can find explanations about the formation of these giant spherulites here (en), and an article (es) about the spheres of Cerro Piedras Bola (see also this gallery).

Finally, there are, in numerous parts of the world, spheres of a third kind (and these are the most frequent), they are concretions that can be found in sedimentary layers, formed by the precipitation around a core (that can be a shell for instance) of calcite, silica, dolomite, hematite and so on. The same phenomenon is, for instance, at the origin of the flint nodules (made of pure silica) that can often be found in layers of chalk. A number of examples of giant spheric concretions of this kind are known, here are some:

Les "Moeraki boulders" de Nouvelle-Zélande
The "Moeraki boulders" in New Zealand - Source
En train d’émerger de son gisement...
Emerging from its rock bed... - Source
... puis peu à peu détruit par les vagues
... Then slowly destroyed by the waves - Source
Concrétion en "boulet de canon" dans l’Ontario
A "cannon ball" concretion in Ontario - Source
... et dans le Dakota
... and in Dakota - Source

With the lack of any scientific study on the Bosnian spheres, of which even the composition is not known, it is difficult to claim that these spheres belong to this or that kind. However, even if an artificial origin cannot be totally excluded, one can note a number of elements that clearly point toward the thesis of natural concretions:

 Here can be seen for instance the great resemblance between the photograph of a sphere in Dakota, and the one of a sphere found by Mr. Bosnic in Bosnia, notice especially the characteristic net of fractures:

Une sphère en Bosnie
A sphere in Bosnia - Source

 The most convincing element for the natural origin of the spheres is however these photographs, published by the Foundation itself:

Découverte d’une sphère en Bosnie
Discovery of a sphere in Bosnia - Source

where can be perfectly seen the sphere in situ in its matrix, that is the geological layer where it was formed, as well as the print left when the sphere is taken, exactly like a fossil shell leaves its print on a rock.

Let’s say, however, that Mr. Osmanagic is not the first one to be deceived by these spheres, that have, in all the countries, given birth to numerous legends - and numerous erroneous interpretations by pseudo-archaeologists. A fine instance - but not the only one in all this "pyramids" affair - of a question where the resort to competent geologists would be recommended!

Last minute news : I just happened to see, on the Foundation website (bs), that the "Board of directors" has launched the project of a second "Archaeological Park" (after the first one devoted to the "pyramids"), this one devoted to the stone spheres of Bosnia. If it is of course a good idea to better study these spheres, one can however note that they are, without any scientific element, classified as "archaeological objects". And that the "coordinator" of this new project and leader of the team is none other than Mr. Ahmed Bosnic, great seller of talismans, horoscopes, and expert in black magic... The same Mr. Bosnic who, in his presentation (en) of the "Subcommittee for Prehistory", dares to write that "the official knowledge of this period [Prehistory] approaches being rather trivial"... One can be sure that the study of the Bosnian stone spheres will be carried out with extreme seriousness, and not with "triviality"...