Of credulity
Article published on 20 March 2007

by Irna

There is no limit to the credulity of those who want to believe...

One can find an evidence for this in the extraordinary story made up, not, for once, by Mr. Osmanagic and his fellows, but by a few enthousiastic "supporters" on some pro-pyramids websites or forums.

I have already mentioned here the famous "proto-Illyrian" script identified by Mr. Osmanagic Senior on a "monolith" buried in Ravne tunnel, a script, according to his discoverer, made of "52 different symbols", but of which in fact only 4 or 5 are photographed and visible on the Foundation different documents. As far as I know, the Foundation never pretended having found other "symbols" or "scripts" elsewhere.

However, in September 2006, a man named arkadije announces (en) on the forum "bosnian-pyramid.com" that he has found "pictures of old script on stone on Visocica" [1]. Immediately, the most enthousiastic pyramid supporters, particularly the poster named ray2007 (who will, in the following discussions, show that he is not only an adept of the most eccentric New Age and ufologic theories, but an anti-semite as well), fall upon these "symbols" and their explanation: for arkadije (en) they are "unknown neolithic or semi neolithic scripts" or possibly "medieval magician scripts"; for ray2007 (en) it is without any doubt a "Danube script" or "proto-european" script dating from the Paleolithic, and he makes numerous mentions of this website (en) written by an Italian journalist, Marco Merlini, who seems determined to prove that writing is an European invention.

In the thread that follows, some posters try to stress again and again 1) that these "symbols", visible on a single picture, could well be nothing else than marks made by the diggers’ tools (not an unlikely hypothesis when one considers the lack of scientific method in the "excavations"); 2) that it would be quite surprising that the Foundation, always swift in showing every unusual stone to support Mr. Osmanagic’s "theories", would have totally forgotten this "proto-European script", nowhere mentioned on the official website; 3) that even if this script was real and ancient, one cannot deduce from a few undated - and undatable the way the site is excavated - symbols every kind of eccentric hypothesis about their signification or the "revolutionary" implications of this so-called script on the entire European prehistory. All these facts are lost for the "believers", as the following thread will show: more than 50 pages on Visocica "ancient script"...

The discussion had a little bit cooled on this thread when, on the 3rd of March 2007 ray2007 starts it again (en) with a new "incredible" discovery, this time of scripts on Pljesevica hill:

The website whence come these two photographs, bosnianpyramid.com (en) (article dated 3rd of March 2007) [2], gives some precisions: they are "symbols carved into the blocks, although the symbols have not been dated", but adds immediately that the depth of soil above the block was about 1,50 m, "enabling an initial dating of the site the to several thousand years ago" (sic). Nothing more is needed to start again with hypothesis and assumptions for ray2007, arkadije and the forum moderator Hyperborean, about the resemblances - and dissimilarities - between these "symbols" and Merlini’s "proto-European script", with even some quite extraordinary tries at translation and explanation by ray2007 (see here (en) and the following posts on the same page). One can learn for instance that the symbols date from different ages, that there is a mix of alphabetic, ideographic and hieroglyphic signs, that there is probably a diagram or map of the underlying structure (the pyramid of the Moon), that these symbols have certainly a double meaning with a hidden signification, that it is "an archaeastronomical symbology" used for occult ritual, that the oval and the pointed arrow show the place where the ETs left the terrestrial orbit, that there is maybe something "very dangerous" buried under the "pyramid of the Moon", maybe even a portal that, by way of human sacrifices, could lead to the "demonic world"... To make it short, ray2007 gives us, in a few sentences, a perfect summary of almost all the possible pseudo-archaeological and "alternative" explanations :-).

The thing that these great experts in osmanagical epigraphy could have noticed, if they had thought a little bit about the origin of these photographs, is that the video they come from (that you can see here) is fairly recent: it has been set on Google Video on the 25th of March 2007, and it is evident, according to the state of the vegetation and of the excavations site, that it has been shot only a few days before. The place where these "scripts" come from, that can be easily seen on the video from the 11th minute, is this one:

located in the "probe hole number 20" (in the video you can see this place first from the other side, then, when coming back, from the same side as on this photograph). If you look attentively the video from the 12th minute, you’ll see that the "carved" stone, on which rests a plank in the video, is the same as the one circled in red on this photograph, shot by the Foundation during the summer 2006 excavations:

That implies that the removal of the soil from above this stone was made at the latest in the fall of 2006, as the excavations stopped at the end of October 2006 and have not started again (they are planned to start in April 2007); and that it is certain that this "carving" was not on the stone at this time, as one cannot imagine how the diggers could have missed such a clear inscription, nor how Mr. Osmanagic and the Foundation could have totally forgotten to mention this "discovery". This stone has stayed during the entire winter, on an unclosed site where everybody could access (as can be seen for the maker of the video) and, if he had time to loose, could enjoy the carving of some graffiti. But, obviously, it is a much too prosaic explanation for the "pyramidomaniacs" on some forums, who will surely prefer to suspect the sceptics of being "controlled" by "certain powers" (see this real anthology piece (en) by ray2007 )...

Just for the fun, here are some photographs of this same "carved" stone during its bringing out on the 4th of October 2006:

on the 7th of October:

then totally cleared on the 17th of October (where one can see, by the way, that the alignment of the stones has been slightly "rectified"):

and on the 18th of October:

One has to think that the diggers who cleared this stone and used it to put their tools really needed some glasses :-)