Pyramidiotic bloopers
Article published on 5 November 2014

by Irna

From Mensur Omerbashich, King of Bosnia and other realms:

"Gravity is found herein to be the repulsive mechanical vibration of the aether, meaning that aether-detection experiments have yet to become sensitive enough."

"To test my claim I propose a Space mission to collect on-site
measurements of eigenperiods of the Sun, its planets, and their satellites."

From Nenad Djurdjevic, alias "Hyperborean", trying to explain why the Turin Polytechnic report has never been published:

"To reveal the chemical composition of the high strength concrete of the Bosnian pyramids would be like revealing the formula for Coca-Cola. I do not think that Osmanagic, who is an excellent businessman, would be so naive and stupid as to do so. Just imagine the value of this formula in construction."

From Paolo Debertolis, alias "Pablito", dentist and big fan of pseudoscience, about his interlocutor who was trying to understand why the "reports" from the Foundation were not translated or not published:

«Ma come medico credo che il problema sia da ricercare da qualche altra parte e sia di natura psicologica.»
«But as a doctor I think the problem is to be found somewhere else and is psychological in nature.»

From Mrs. Sabina Alikadic, journalist, today Mr. Osmanagic’s wife, in an email to her future husband:

"So, we’re cheating for the sake of truth :)"

From Dr. Muhamed Pasic, who needed one year to study samples of sandstone from the "pyramid of the Moon":

"I came to very important results, on which basis I conclude that it is a sediment of siliceous origin."

From the ineffable Dr. Nabil Swelim, in an interview with Merima Bojic (and, no, he is not speaking about Mr. Osmanagic!):

"Perhaps, they went on a camel and took a few photographs in front of the Khufu Pyramid but that still does not make them the experts on the pyramids"

From Dr. Nabil Swelim, during the "international scientific conference" of Sarajevo in 2008:

"If someone denies the existence of the pyramids, then he must have a valid scientific argumentation."

From Christian Schwarz-Schilling, High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, during a visit to the "pyramids" in 2006:

“I don’t believe that this is made by nature, and the skeptical scientists who claim it is should come here, experiment and prove it.”

From Semir Osmanagic, in Dnevni Avaz of 17th April 2006:

"The North face of the pyramid of the Sun is an equilateral triangle which sides are 365 m, and that symbolically corresponds to the number of days in a year."

From Semir Osmanagic, talking of "pyramids" that are 700 meters above present sea level:

"For now we have two very important indicators that pyramids were under water for several hundred years. Only such occurrence can be related to the melting of the ice at the end of the last Ice age 12.000 years ago."

From Semir Osmanagic, before the beginning of any excavation on Visocica:

"Existence of the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun is proven."