Pyramids in Bosnia?
Article published on 8 June 2006

by Irna

The "Bosnian pyramid" affair began in October 26th, 2005, with an article in the Bosnian daily newspaper Dnevni Avaz, translated on the BBC website (en). According to this article, there is in Bosnia, near the town of Visoko (en), a pyramid similar to the Egyptian ones, "Europe’s first pyramid".

During a few months, the discussions about the "pyramid" took place, for the most part, on a few forums where "sceptics" and "believers" battled, with a very few facts to debate upon. Then, as in April 2006 excavations began on the site, a news from Associated Press (en), with the title "Experts Find Evidence of Bosnia Pyramid", was published in dozens of newspapers and websites. The "pyramid", at that moment, became a celebrity, received a name ("Pyramid of the Sun"), and began to multiply, as it is now talked of a "Valley of Pyramids", with three, then five pyramids...

Archaeological discovery of the century? Fantasy of an enthousiast amateur, who has been able to drag in his dream an entire country? or real swindle with a mix of economical interests and nationalistic stakes? While not aspiring to give definitive answers to these questions, this website is ambitious to try and give as much as possible informations on this affair and its side-issues; having followed it almost since the beginning, I have been able to gather some outlines that I will here try to synthesize, hoping that the French and English readers will that way gain an easier access to informations disseminated throughout the Web, and which are often in Bosnian.

The protagonists

Pseudoscientific methodology

"Evidence" and "scientific reports" from the Foundation

The reality of the "pyramids"

Real archaeology

Around the pyramids: the Bosnian context

Paolo Debertolis and the SBRG

The "deliriums corner"


Documents about the Bosnian "pyramids"