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Pyramids in Bosnia?

Article published on 8 June 2006

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The "Bosnian pyramid" affair began in October 26th, 2005, with an article in the Bosnian daily newspaper Dnevni Avaz, translated on the BBC website (en). According to this article, there is in Bosnia, near the town of Visoko (en), a pyramid similar to the Egyptian ones, "Europe’s first pyramid".

During a few months, the discussions about the "pyramid" took place, for the most part, on a few forums where "sceptics" and "believers" battled, with a very few facts to debate upon. Then, as in April 2006 excavations began on the site, a news from Associated Press (en), with the title "Experts Find Evidence of Bosnia Pyramid", was published in dozens of newspapers and websites. The "pyramid", at that moment, became a celebrity, received a name ("Pyramid of the Sun"), and began to multiply, as it is now talked of a "Valley of Pyramids", with three, then five pyramids...

Archaeological discovery of the century? Fantasy of an enthousiast amateur, who has been able to drag in his dream an entire country? or real swindle with a mix of economical interests and nationalistic stakes? While not aspiring to give definitive answers to these questions, this website is ambitious to try and give as much as possible informations on this affair and its side-issues; having followed it almost since the beginning, I have been able to gather some outlines that I will here try to synthesize, hoping that the French and English readers will that way gain an easier access to informations disseminated throughout the Web, and which are often in Bosnian.

The protagonists

Pseudoscientific methodology

"Evidence" and "scientific reports" from the Foundation

The reality of the "pyramids"

Real archaeology

Around the pyramids: the Bosnian context

Paolo Debertolis and the SBRG

The "deliriums corner"


Documents about the Bosnian "pyramids"

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Pyramids in Bosnia?
rosulja1 - on 27 February 2013

Jedna interesantna stvar o Osmanagicu. Upravo sam zavrsio njegovu knjigu "Misterija Anasazija" (moze se procitati na njegovoj stranici Iz ove knjige moze se vidjeti da se radi ili o patoloskom lazovu ili sizofrenicaru, koji prica sa uskrsnjim zekama. Naime, u knjizi spominje "Melvina", indijanca i "vidovnjaka" kojeg je navodno pokupio usput na njegovom putu po Americkom jugozapadu. Osmanagic je navodno "istrazivao" Anasazije (vec znanim metodama, pianjem kamenja, udisanjem svjezeg vazduha, zatvaranjem ociju i primanjem poruka iz proslosti, ali u ovom slucaju i iz buducnosti, itd.) Tal lik "Melvin" se nije htjeo slikati pa njegove slike u knjizi nema. Ono sto je meni palo u oci je da Semir nije prepricao iz sjecanja njegov razgovor sa Melvinom, nego je literarno ispisao sve sto mu je Melvin rekao! Ovaj usputni intervju sa Melvinom je prilicno velik, ako bi izdvojili sta je sve Melvin rekao Semiru, dobili bi dobrih deset stranica, ako ne i vise! Kako je Semir mogao zapamtiti od rijeci do rijeci tako veliki intervju? Nigdje u knjizi nije pomenuo da je Melvina snimao, ako jeste ja bi volio da cujem taj tonski ili video zapis. Ako Semir nije snimao intervju sa Melvinom (cisto sumnjam da jeste, jer se Melvin nije htio ni slikati), znaci da je lik Melvina, kao i cijeli intervju izmislio! Ili pozajmio ideju iz neke od knjiga pseudo autora o Majama i sl. Ili je zaista mislio da prica sa "Melvinom", kao sto sizofrenicari inace pricaju sa... Ova njegova knjiga puna je njegovih plitkih i izhitrenih zakljucaka (broj ljudi koji su zivjeli u zajednicama Anasazija, npr.), obiluje njegovom new age religijom, i svime ostalim sto Semira cini Semirom pod sesirom (kako ga ja zovem).
Pored toga, interesantan je i dio kada je Semir sa Melvinom posao da vidi "vremensku kapsulu" u jednom od kanjona....slike te vremenske kapsule nema jer mu se ....istrosila baterija foto-aparata. (Radi se o omiljenoj temi new-age poltrona zvanoj "wingmakers" i Project Ancient arrow, s cijih stranica je "pozajmio" dobar dio teksta za njegovu knjigu o Anasazijima).

Pyramids in Bosnia?
zora - on 8 May 2014

Interesting ’mind show’ of some people in opposition to Dr. Semir Osmanagich, founder of Bosnian pyramids, and even personal attacks on him..
My question to Irna (I don’t know who she/he is) and to other ’clever’ people (who consider themselves clever), who are attacking this project and Semir:
What about would you talk and write if there is no Semir with his ’wild’, ’hoax’ project? I would never know about you ..
I am happy that I could go there and see and feel as much I could around all this story ’Bosnian pyramids’.
I can just laugh on peoples jealousy, desire to be controller and lack of letting others ’be’ and do what they like if this doesn’t harm you..
Does Semir harm you in any way with his life’s task?
But , this life is a big circus, so enjoy your role..I am enjoying my..:)
happy person will not talk like many of you who are against this project..
Semir is ’playing in his home country with love.
If you don’t like this playground find yourself another and enjoy..
Remeber love and giving out what you would like to receive.

Pyramids in Bosnia?
Irna - on 10 May 2014

And what about some scientific arguments for a change?

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