Sur le blog d’Alun Salt
Article published on 28 March 2007

by Irna

On Alun Salt’s blog:

A Bosnian Pyramid?

"If he’s consistently talking rubbish about the stuff which can be checked then there’s no reason to assume he’s talking any sense about things which can’t be checked."

The Price of a Pyramid

"Osmanagić isn’t the first person to bulldoze their way to their destination. Schliemann employed similar techniques in hammering his way into Troy. Ironically Schliemann’s tunnel vision meant he destroyed much of Priam’s Troy, the city he was looking for, and dug through to an earlier level."

Final thoughts on the Bosnian pyramid

"There is a dark irony to that a country whose heritage sites were targeted in an ethnic cleansing campaign has decided to finish off the job with one of their major sites, but it’s not that amusing."

Trigonometry and Pyramids

Introducing the Pyramid of Doom

Is reality the second best option?

"I realise some people think it’s terribly arrogant to base your opinion on the evidence rather than whether or not the dig is a good show. What can I say? I am that arrogant. For instance I think the Titantic is a shipwreck purely on the evidence presented. I’ve never actually visited the site. There are thousands upon thousands of archaeological sites in Europe. It would be impossible to visit them all so you have to learn how to judge the evidence and make occaisional visits to some sites to check you’re interpreting the evidence in a reliable way."

More Bosnian Trigonometry

The Bosnian Pyramid threatens to spread

"There’s a small number of people who insist that Osmanagić should be allowed to do what he likes and any evidence that he’s incompetent or plain wrong should be ignored. Reports by archaeologists from the EAA? The ‘experts’ (never forget the scarequotes) don’t know everything. Bosnian Geologists conclude the hill is natural. Ignore them, the ‘experts’ don’t know everything. Robert Schoch, a geologist admired by the alternative archaeology community has examined the site, including the the tunnels, and has said it’s natural. Ignore him, the ‘experts’ don’t know everything. The refusal to accept any evidence which contradicts their wishes is known by believers as keeping an open mind."