The Secret of the Pyramid
Article published on 19 October 2014

by Irna

An interesting anecdote about the hotel Piramida Sunca in Visoko and its landlord, Dario Pekic: both of whom owe a great deal to Semir Osmanagic and his Foundation - of which Mr. Pekic is, besides, a member. The hotel is not only named after Osmanagic’s project (Pyramid of the Sun Hotel), but also derives substantial benefits from it: volunteers for the Summer Camps are required to stay there (see page 6), and various seminars devoted to the "pyramids" are also held there.

In spite of this, Mr. Pekic’s and the hotel staff’s attitude towards these paying volunteers is rather lackadaisical: many of them complain about the less than agreeable - and even somewhat rude - behaviour of the owner, of the sometimes absurd rules applying to them and so on... A rather startling illustration of this unconcern can be observed even at the hotel reception, where pride of place is taken by a magnificent model of a pyramid. This model appears in photographs at the hotel website:

as well as in the film Buried Land:

But the visitor who ventures to raise the pyramid to see what it contains risks receiving a rather unpleasant surprise:

I leave it to the reader to interpret this "secret of the pyramid", which seems to be rather lacking in any great show of respect to the the pyramid volunteers who support the hotel and its owner...