The Whispering Pyramids
The investigation
Article published on 26 November 2012

by Simplicio (EclisseForum)
Paolo Debertolis au travail sur le tumulus de Vratnica - Paolo Debertolis at work on the Tumulus of Vratnica. - Source

Of the many mind-blowing events unfolding around these hills, this one just about tops the lot.

From what we are told, several teams of “multidisciplinary research experts" have been making recordings of ultrasonic / electromagnetic radiation emerging from the top of the hill of the celebrated Pyramid of the Sun, these recordings being an indication of something operating inside the said pyramid.

Just to give you an idea, we invite readers to read these articles:

We recorded the voice of the pyramid of the sun!

Preliminary results of research into the emission of sound waves in megalithic structures in the Valley of Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


And especially this:

Chasing the Dragon (Project)

What it comes down to is this: it is argued that emerging from the top of the pyramid is a beam of ultrasound, approximately 15 metres across, which, in the shape of an inverted cone, is then dispersed into the atmosphere.

Initially, recordings were obtained using unsophisticated tools. These were followed by recordings obtained using more advanced equipment that, according to the investigators, confirmed the previous results.

These sound recordings have been worked over and over, and published on various websites, for purposes that form no part of scientific research and veer perilously close to exaggeration and sensationalism. Lately, as a result of a series of events that will be discussed below, many of these files have been removed. We have copies, of course, but are unable to publish them, so we invite you to do some web research of your own, using search terms like "voice of the Bosnian pyramids", to see if you can find any residual traces or recordings that might still be available.

The original tracks, unprocessed and unmodified, have not yet been made available to the scientific community and we do not know when they will be. Ostensibly, the fear is that someone could steal the research, even though the SBRG and others are years ahead in this direction. It has, however, been suggested that the real fear is that an analysis of the untreated original files might produce results different from those published by the authors.

Grave reservations have also been expressed about whether the team were using the right recording equipment, and operators with the right experience, for this sort of research.

For example, apart from some limited instruction as part of his odontology coursework, Debertolis will have had no professional training in the fields of wavelength physics, or recording techniques. The sound engineer who works with SBRG has been vague about his expertise and experience in this area. The first files were processed using free commercial software such as Audacity. Some of the microphones used, the HYDROPHONE type, are low-level, and there is no specific information, apart from unconvincing statements by the team themselves, about the screening of the cables used for the recordings. It is a fact that unscreened cables can allow noise into the recordings, because they effectively act as an antenna, and can therefore pick up signals from outside the recording site. As far as we know, the protocol followed by the researchers is neither precise nor clearly set out in such a way that the tests could be verified and the same results obtained.

The explanation for this phenomenon is rather equivocal. Some claim that it is a signal from a machine on stand-by, waiting to be roused from hibernation; others think it is a beacon or a kind of coded communication signal, as yet undeciphered.

Debertolis, one of the principal investigators of this radiation phenomenon, has recently confirmed that:

"And here is the most disconcerting discovery, although one that confirms the artificial nature of the ultrasound radiation.
As previously witnessed, there is an ultrasound peak at about 28,000 Hz. But it is not the only one.
There are five frequency peaks in all: two above 28,000 hz., and two below. Each one is located at a perfect interval of about 9444-9456 Hz above and below.
Insofar as what we are looking at is continuous ultrasound transmission, with distinctive characteristics, it cannot possibly be a natural phenomenon.
Every track so far examined exhibits the same features. This is proof positive that there is something capable of functioning, and still operational, inside the pyramid. Because of the limitations of our present instrumentation, we do not know if there are other frequencies higher than those recorded at intervals of about 9444 to 9456 Hz.”

Others still have stated that the ultrasound could be the result of electromagnetic waves passing through layers of quartz, or of water flowing through layers of iron, but even here, as with the statements of Debertolis quoted above, these are hasty conclusions, supported only by personal beliefs and agendas.

We await publication of the entire body of research carried out by the SBRG on these sound phenomena, with analyses by a Finnish engineer of the recordings made in March 2012.

There is one event in particular that, more than anything else, demonstrates the methodology of the individuals involved in this affair.

In the month of April 2012, an experiment took place on the Pyramid of the Sun, its purpose elegantly summarized by Dr. Debertolis as follows:

"In the opinion of Slobodan and Davor - the two Croatian physicists who are members of our group, and with whom we have an ongoing exchange of information - the Pyramid of the Sun behaves like a giant Tesla machine, and they are searching for its excitation frequency. This is based on their latest electromagnetic surveys on the surface and the apex.

They plan to shoot electromagnetic waves inside the hill with a machine that they are building together (the stuff of science fiction!) When there is an appropriate response at a particular frequency, that frequency will be automatically detected by the machine.


The two Croatians think that concealed within the hill is some form of very ancient, very sophisticated, technology. So they’re going to go and have a look.”

This article explains how they were going to carry out the experiment:

New experiment on the Pyramid of the Sun for the study of electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound

Les instruments utilisés pour l’expérience d’avril - The instrumentation used for the experiment in April - Source

And this is what transpired:

Completion of the experiment in April 2012 on the ultrasound beam and electromagnetic waves from the apex of the Pyramid of the Sun

We draw your attention to a sentence from the first link:

"Mathematically, the speed of light / electromagnetic waves and the speed of sound / mechanical vibrations in any environment are constants."

Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of physics will perceive the utter ineptitude of this comment (see here and here). We cannot believe that two physicists could have made such an absurd statement, and that dozens of students and university professors would not have pointed this out. If this statement formed part of the conditions of the experiment and was one of the assumptions used to define it, the experiment would automatically be invalidated.

We also have some questions for anyone who would like to provide answers:

1. Up to what distance is ultrasound able to penetrate rock?

2. Ditto for VLF radio waves?

3. And how was it possible to exclude all forms of external noise from your measurements? From traffic and factories to everyday EM transmissions?

Finally, the icing on the cake is this informal report that one of the archaeologists involved in the experiment posted on a certain forum of our acquaintance: link

Unexplained lights, unexplained satellites, unexplained helicopters, unexplained headaches … in other words, it is clear that the idea that there is some alien - or, at any rate, unexplained - presence in this area comes directly from the leading characters of this story, who are certainly not deficient in either the ability or the desire to see weird and wondrous phenomena, and to find ways of linking them together.

What we have here are professionals in certain fields, self-proclaimed experts with the knowledge acquired from their various different specialisations in tow, but unable to plaster over the resultant gaps. So we have a Professor of Odontology who detects ultrasonic frequencies comparable to the ones emitted by the descaling equipment used by dentists, physicists who do not know the speed of sound, equipment not used in the context for which it was designed (it is impossible to understand, with all the different devices being used, whether this is the case or not) and recordings reworked to the nth degree. I would have expected to find only readings detected by an oscilloscope or some similar instrument; if I’m measuring ultrasound, I’m certainly not going to change the frequency, speed, etc. etc., to make it audible. For research purposes, not only is it unnecessary – it doesn’t make any sense, either. It is helpful for publicity purposes, because there is obviously more of a sense immediacy, and more of an appeal to the imagination, if people can actually hear the voice of the pyramid, rather than just looking at "pyramid graphics"; nevertheless, what people are listening to is something very different from what is really taking place, always supposing that there really was something to be heard in the first place.

Since we began writing this series of articles, we have been involved in continuing attempts to try and get to grips with the actual facts and documents connected with the "pyramids".

In doing so, however, we have encountered many difficulties, due to the aura of "mystery-cum- sensationalism" surrounding the whole affair, and also to the fact that most of the information in circulation was released almost exclusively to promote shock and awe, something that frequently distracts attention from what is really going on behind the scenes.

We want to make it absolutely clear that, notwithstanding the fact that we have sought valid references capable of supporting the whole business of ultrasound and electromagnetic fields, we have not been able to find anything of an objective and incontrovertible nature. As we have no special expertise in this field, we tried to locate - amongst the proliferation of statements made by the chief actors in this story - scientifically valid information obtained at first hand. This quest unearthed a mass of material, consisting mainly of half sentences, incomplete presentations, short blog articles … and not a lot else. Unfortunately, we happen to have grown accustomed to analyzing work that is complete and properly structured, such as papera published in specialist journals. So, in a case where we have to work with fragmented and poorly substantiated information, we find ourselves at a disadvantage – and, what is more, up against a brick wall of almost unbelievable antagonism. Any serious researcher, confident about their work, would be ready to answer all questions put to them and to provide all material required by those who wish to check his or her research. In this case, however, not only are the original files and all the information necessary for a serious investigation not made available, but questions are avoided like the plague, and efforts are made to try and prevent anyone from even engaging in discussion.

Anyone who has been involved with experiments at university level will know that detailed descriptions of the experimental outline used, and minutely detailed descriptions of the methodological procedures applied, form an essential part of the file of documentation, thus allowing others to see at a glance if there are any gaps or possible sources of error, or whether everything has been performed in an optimal manner; others can then repeat the experiments in accordance with scientific methodological criteria. In this particular case, unfortunately, the sort of procedure just described is completely lacking. If we wanted to repeat the SBRG experiments, we would soon find ourselves up against serious problems, because we do not have the details of the equipment that they used, and how they used it, nor do we know how they calibrated measurement and recording protocols, or data processing methods, and nor do we have any data for comparison with our results.

At the end of the day, we have nothing scientific to work on.

Once more, we are left with nothing but the same gratuitous desire for sensationalism and limelight-hogging that finds expression in trying to arouse popular interest with allusions to non-existent pyramids, so-called alien voices, and ancient technology buried thousands of years ago. This emphasis on popular curiosity frequently results in the neglect of fact and evidence, and the stifling of critical thinking – all of which makes it easier to spread news lacking any solid foundation; or to engineer a meteoric rise in the popularity stakes.

All this leads us to conclude that, even though we have been trying to find evidence of serious, scientifically valid work that would corroborate the theories of Osmanagic, Debertolis and company, there is at present no absolute assurance that would safely allow anyone to objectively conclude that there really is some unexplained phenomenon inside the hill known as the "Pyramid of the Sun". It is also evident from various statements made by the principal individuals themselves that giving credit to certain theories is viewed as an act of faith rather than as evidence of fact, as exemplified by Debertolis’ response to the question: "Are you saying, then, that "you have confidence in the work done by Savolainen (the SBRG sound engineer – Ed.)?"

“Yes, indeed, we must have confidence in Savolainen, and, besides, the graphics are clear, there can be no argument about that.”

We do not know what might happen in the future, and whether or not there might prove to be some unexplained phenomenon inside the hill known as the "Pyramid of the Sun", but one thing is certain: if there is something there, any scientific investigation will have to be conducted in a manner somewhat different from the way things are being done at the moment.


The physicist Slobodan Mizdrak presents the results of the April 2012 experiment referred to in the article.

Read here: link

And again: link

Below is a video of Dr. Mizdrak at the September conference organized by the Foundation.

Résumé des résultats obtenus par Slobodan Mizdrak (fautes de frappe d’origine). - Summary of the results obtained by Slobodan Mizdrak (original typos). - Source :

Source at depth of 2.44km, power 10 kW, conjectural metal plates, and: "It therefore appears that the pyramid form is acting as nothing more nor less than the parabola of a satellite dish, its shape concentrating the wide beam of the radio waves."

Those individuals who carry out research into ultrasound while (no longer) believing in the existence of pyramids, maintain that these are signals emitted by some device, perhaps thousands of years old, buried some miles below the earth’s surface. Other individuals, pyramid believers this time, who also carry out research into radio waves, are of the belief that there is a silver dish in the shape of a parabola (!) focussing something on the primordial vertex of the pyramid and aiming at the stars; or perhaps acting as a beacon for aliens.

So, to conclude: we do not know the methods of evaluation applied in this case, we do not know if the speed of sound in this environment has been treated as a constant, and, as always, no scientific data has been made available.

Update 5th May 2013

Despite no longer operating in collaboration with the Bosnian Pyramid Foundation, it seems that Debertolis is continuing, in a manner that surpasses all human understanding, to beaver away at the "Voice of the Pyramid" question.

In a recent statement, he said:

I have just returned from my latest (clandestine) operation in Visoko. I really think that this will be the last one. We arrived by night, took the readings that we had to, and left before anyone realized we were there.

Capture d’écran des déclarations de Debertolis - The screenshot with Paolo Debertolis’ statement

So, o Professor of Forensic Dentistry, you’re saying that you conducted unauthorised research?

Possibly readings were taken in an unorthodox manner? If you were in possession of all the necessary permits, rights and permissions, why would you have to undertake "secret" expeditions?

If the SBRG have free access to Bosnia and the various excavation sites, there is no reason to work in secret and keep your presence hidden from everyone. If, however, there were difficulties with the Bosnian authorities or if the SBRG did not have permission to do what they claim to have done, then perhaps that might be the reason for all the secrecy?

Besides anything else, what reliability can be placed on readings taken in a rush, that have to be kept out of sight of anyone who has not granted permission for such work to be carried out?

Or could it be that these statements are just hype, designed to foster the aura of mystery that surrounds the SBRG, and to the reputation that you have amongst the simple-minded for being opposed by the authorities and "Orthodox Science"?

We don’t know what Debertolis has really been up to, what’s real and what isn’t, but logic is at hand to help us and the reader to form our own opinions, and to provide answers to the questions above.

It seems that Debertolis might be planning to use these “clandestine" readings, including them in a paper that he is writing for a conference. If it really came to it, we might reach a point where we felt compelled to bring the problem to the attention of the relevant committee, and leave them to form their own conclusions.

Last point of interest. The graph in the following screenshot records readings apparently made by Debertolis on the summit of the Pyramid of the Sun, but there is no indication of any ultrasound reading. It would be interesting to know if the ultrasound had disappeared, or if the equipment was unable to detect it at that particular time, or in that particular context.

Graphique de l’enregistrement fait au sommet de la Pyramide du Soleil, sans aucune trace d’ultrasons - Graph of sound recordings taken at the summit of the Pyramid of the Sun, devoid of any ultrasound readings.

UPDATE 20/06/2013

Yet another inaccuracy in this chronicle has come to light.

We recently took part in a discussion - unfortunately, not always a very harmonious one - with Prof. Debertolis on an American forum.

We pointed out to him a number of inaccuracies, errors and omissions, including this particularly glaring blunder:

“Matematicamente, la velocità della luce / onde elettromagnetiche e la velocità del suono / vibrazioni meccaniche in qualsiasi ambiente sono costanti.”

("Mathematically, the speed of EM / light and the speed of sound / mechanical vibration in any surroundings are constant.")

Evidently caught between a rock and a hard place, Debertolis responded by sidestepping, or avoiding, the various questions - whether through a lack of basic knowledge, or because he was simply embarassed, we have no idea.

In reply to the particular question about why he had written a statement as crass as the one shown above, he said that brochures aimed at the general public are written differently from statements designed for scientific publications.

But the problem is that, in any event, public statements should not be misleading.

Clearly nettled, Debertolis declined to continue the discussion, but, unbelievably, dredged up various articles from back in the day, editing sentences and paragraphs in order to conceal errors.

In particular, the sentence just quoted has now become:

“Matematicamente, la velocità della luce / onde elettromagnetiche e la velocità del suono / vibrazioni meccaniche nello stesso sistema sono costanti.”

("Mathematically, the speed of light / electromagnetic waves and the speed of sound / mechanical vibrations in the same system are constant.")

This is the link.

The previous versions of the document can be found here and here.

And there’s more. For the SBRG have come up with yet another pyramid, Mount Rtanj in Serbia.

They want to repeat the same experiment as before, and have produced posters faithfully reproducing exactly the same errors.

After our reports, Debertolis edited his blog, but not the PDF poster.

Compare the section with the heading "Experiment Methodology."



The article contains this statement:

"Mathematically, the speed of light / electromagnetic waves and the speed of sound / mechanical vibrations in the same system are constant."

While the poster, on the other hand, contains this statement:

"Mathematically, the speed of EM / light and the speed of sound / mechanical vibration in any surroundings are constant."

The SBRG should surely take more care before publishing and editing their material – especially as there is not the smallest mention, or warning to the reader, about any revisions.

A serious approach should be a prerequisite for anyone undertaking – or claiming to undertake - research.