The "valley of the pyramids"
Article published on 20 July 2006

by Irna

As soon as he had his first "revelation" of the existence of a pyramid under the hill of Visocica in April 2005 (see here), Mr. Osmanagic was convinced that this pyramid is not unique. On the other side of the valley, Pljesevica Hill is immediately identified as "sister pyramid", and the two hills are renamed: pyramid of the Sun and pyramid of the Moon.

Very soon, one then two other pyramids (en) are discovered in Visoko valley; to the first ones are then added the pyramids of the Dragon (Buci Hill), of Earth (or temple of Earth - Krstac) and of Love (Cemerac). The pyramid inflation will not stop there, as, for instance in this article (bs), the President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sulejman Tihic claims that there are nine pyramids in the area between Visoka and Tuzla. The inhabitants of Maglaj soon claim their own (bs), and one can also learn here (bs) that, according to Mr. Osmanagic, Croatia has probably pyramids of its own.

So, coming back to the subject of Visoko, it would be a matter of a real "Valley of Pyramids" (by the way, that is the title of the most recent book by Mr. Osmanagic, for sale on Visocica site), of a pyramidal "complex" of great importance. What is more, according again to Mr. Osmanagic, these pyramids are not disposed haphazardly; it is indeed one of the most stressed "evidence" for his hypothesis: the tops of the three main pyramids are said to form a "perfect equilateral triangle".

Un triangle parfait
A perfect triangle - Source

This argument, of three pyramids forming a perfect triangle, is often used: in the document "scientific arguments" (bs) [1] on the Foundation website (here in English (en)), in various interviews with Mr. Osmanagic, as for instance below, where he even claims that there is "not a minute of difference" between the three angles according to the Land register Office in Visoko:

Avaz, 17 avril 2006
Dnevni List, 18 avril 2006

This claim has been discussed by Alun Salt, PhD student in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at Leicester University, and impassioned in archaeo-astronomy, in a few texts on his blog Archaeoastronomy (en). In this first article (en), he began with measuring directly on the map the distance between the three summits, and found significative differences (about 200 meters, that is 10 %) between the lengths of the three sides of this "perfect triangle". A reader stressed that he had made these measurements as if the three points were of identical altitude (while the "pyramid of the Sun" is much higher than the two others), so that he then made a second calculation (en), taking this time in account the difference in the altitudes, which gave still worse results... Then, having obtained the above map, more precise than the first one he used, he made a third try (en), which gave for the three angles, said to be "equal with less than a minute of difference" (a reminder: there are 60 minutes in one degree), the following results:
 pyramid of the Sun: 61º 29′
pyramid of the Moon: 59º 55′
pyramid of the Dragon: 58º 37′

Mr. Salt concludes this last article by discussing the exact location of the "summits" on the Foundation map, and asking, even if there really were an equilateral triangle between three "pyramids" among the five ones of the "valley of pyramids", what would be the sense of such a fact:

Similarly one combination of three peaks out of five claimed pyramids is close to an equilateral triangle. That leaves ten combinations which aren’t geometrically exciting - because we’re ignoring five other combinations which aren’t triangles, four combinations which aren’t squares and one combination which fails to be a pentagon.

Finally, it can be noticed that the various documents that can be found on this geometry of the "valley of the pyramids" are sometimes very contradictory. For instance, on this photograph

La vallée des pyramides 1
The valley of the pyramids 1 - Source

released by the Foundation, the pyramid of Earth (Krstac) forms an equilateral triangle with the ones of Sun and Moon. The same photograph on Wikipedia

La vallée des pyramides 2
The valley of the pyramids 2 - Source

gives the name of "pyramid of the Dragon" to the hill of Krstac, previously called "pyramid of Earth". Then, on this document found on the website (en) (that is not the official website of the Foundation, but offers exactly the same news, the same documents and the same photos)

La vallée des pyramides 3
The valley of the pyramids 3 - Source

the pyramid of Earth has again changed its location, and is now located on the hill of Cemerac...

How could one find any "sacred geometry" with these wandering pyramids! Of course, one can object that the Foundation is not responsible for the erroneous documents that travel on the Web, however its own documents, as shown on the official website, are also sometimes contradictory, and the Foundation ought to publish, for once, reliable scientific documents...

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