"What happened to the objective and unbiased journalism?"
Article published on 16 August 2008

by Irna

"WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OBJECTIVE AND UNBIASED JOURNALISM?" was the title of an article published on Mr. Osmanagic’s Foundation website (en) in December 2007. It was an attack on the journalist Vuk Bacanovic, of the magazine BHDani (bs), following the publication of articles disclosing various facts that proved of some embarrassment for the Foundation, in particular this article about an interview with the former geologist to the team. The Foundation article accused Vuk Bacanovic of both dishonesty and incompetence: unable to write his articles of his own, he supposedly produced material that had been dictated to him by Mr. Osmanagic’s "opponents".

At that time - things may be different today, as it seems that the tide might at last be on the turn - Vuk Bacanovic was the sole journalist in Bosnia who dared to make any mention in his articles of criticisms of the "pyramids" project, most of the rest of the Bosnian press producing anything but "objective and unbiased" journalism. Numerous media outlets, among them even the federal press agency FENA, appear in the list of the Foundation sponsors; and, conversely, the Foundation logo can be found on some of their websites, the FENA site for instance, along with a text inviting readers to "daily follow the news from the Bosnian valley of the pyramids". In December 2007, Stultitia (bs) pointed out that there were some media personalities involved in Mr. Osmanagic’s Foundation: they included a journalist, a State Television director, a member of the Communications Regulatory Agency...

The collusion between a section of the Bosnian press and Mr. Osmanagic was confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt by the publication of an email (bs) sent in September 2006 to Mr. Osmanagic by Sabina Alikadic, a journalist at the federal press agency, FENA:

Complete translation of this email:

"Hello. Thanks for the smile.

I’m in contact with Mario on a daily basis, but I have to admit that it is not the same and that I prefer collaborating with you :-). This is what we do: Mario sends me informations, I write a communiqué or article, send it to him and then he sends it back again on FENA official email address, so that it looks like a Foundation announcement. So, we’re cheating for the sake of truth :-). Cheers."

The Mario mentioned in this mail is Mario Gerussi, Mr. Osmanagic’s former brother-in-law. Although previously a member of the Foundation, he left it, apparently following Mr. Osmanagic’s divorce, which, so it would appear, was the result of the latter’s affair with a journalist named Sabina...

When contacted by the online daily paper Pincom.info (bs) the editor-in-chief of FENA apparently saw no particular problem of professional ethics in this business. He insisted that his journalist had no particular link with the Foundation, and that FENA was no more interested in the pyramids than any other organ of the medias. Quite apart from the alleged love affair between Mrs. Sabina Alikadic and Mr. Osmanagic [1], however, it is interesting to note that, if this letter sent by Mr. Osmanagic to some of his cronies is to be believed, Mrs. Alikadic, is also a web editor on the Foundation website:

Did anyone say "objective and unbiased journalism"?