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Three little turns and then they go away...

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Three little turns and then they go away...
pokojnik - le 4 November 2007

your English sucks!And, who are you to judge the Egyptian experts? What do you know about Bosnian archaeology or geology? Bosnian "experts" certainly don’t know that much and in fact, many of them never even visited these locations in question. By the way, as long as professor Blagoje Govedarica stands behind the APWR and is associated with the nick-name Stultitia, he certainly won’t learn much about the archaeology in Visoko.

Do you honestly think that he could be one of those Bosnian "experts"?

You know, the Egyptian experts were invited to look into the analyses done by Dr. Amer Smailbegovic and others, and to inspect the locations.
I also don’t believe that you’re French as you claim to be and don’t pretend to understand Serbo-Croatian with a help of a dictionary. And, Dr.Barakt’s report is posted now on the Foundation’s web. Kako bolan mozes takve stvari pisat? Ako ti nije zahmet, pogledaj Barakatov izvjestaj i vidi sta je insan napiso. Eto, ako se sluzis vec S-H rijecnikom,valjda ces i ovo skontat.