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A new "expert" for Mr. Osmanagic’s Foundation!

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A new "expert" for Mr. Osmanagic’s Foundation!
Stultitia - le 2 March 2008

Once again, Irna, you have done a marvelous job of summarizing and presenting the Bosnian cyber-resistance movement against Mr. Osmanagic’s state-sponsored pyramidiotism. Many people have so far expressed their enthusiasm with Izmo and even suggested him for the President of country. It is noteworthy that Davorin Vrbancic even found similarities between those reliefs mentioned in Izmo’s/Amer’s work with those of ‘megaliths with landscape’ K1 and K2 from the ‘mysterious underground labyrinth of tunnels’ in Visoko.

A new "expert" for Mr. Osmanagic’s Foundation!
Irna - le 2 March 2008

Izmo for President? That’s an idea! And the new coat of arms of Bosnia could be a pickaxe and a shovel crossed on azure field with three fleur-de-lys? :-)