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A concrete tale
Abacus - le 20 October 2020

Dear Irna,

Unfortunately, the findings in this 2010 article (and others on your site) don’t seem to have reached Archaeology World, who have recently posted this article, entitled "30,000-Year-Old Bosnian Pyramids Built With Man-Made Cement"; and this article, THE SECRET OF 34,000-YEAR-OLD ARTIFICIAL BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS.

What is notable about the Archaeology World articles is that, although they claim to be referring to scientific reports, they evidently haven’t investigated them in any serious depth. And, regrettably, no one has remembered the last paragraph of Dr. E. Nunzia Croce’s geological report for the SBRG:

“As regards the constituent materials and their stratification, the so-called Pyramid of the Sun is the result of continental Miocene clastic-terrigenous sedimentation; the shape of the hill, the tilt of the strata and their dislocation, as well as the cracking that gives the various layers their pseudo-pavement form, are due to post-Miocene geomorphological modelling, together with local and global tectonic phenomena.” (See here (scroll down), and here (scroll down).