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An outstanding team of experts
Irna - le 1 February 2011

When I published the French version of the above article nearly a month ago, I sent an email to Miss Sara Acconci to let her know that I was writing about her. Here is, at her request, her answer :

Dear Irna,
thank you for your e-mail!
I really appreciate the opportunity to say something in front of "attacks".

What you have wrote about my career and qualifications is right.
First of all I don’t like to be called "expert" ’cause, as you wrote, I’m a very young woman but..
I don’t think my age can be considered like a parameter in order to judge my job and I’m happy to noticed that you won’t do that! I’m only an archaeologist with 7 years of excavations "on my back". Maybe you think it’s not so much.. And maybe you are right but.. Of course I need time ’cause I’m only 26 years old and I have to start from somewhere!
I had the opportunity to become the leading archaeologist of the foundation. It only means that I’m an archaeologist called to apply scientific methods with excavations.
Nothing more.
It means that I’m only an archaeologist called to verify what we can find in Visoko. For me it’s not important if I will find pyramids or something else.
I’m just an archaeologist called to make excavation!
In order to do that in a scientific way I want to start from the beginning! It means that I won’t consider all the "artifacts" Mislav had found, it means I won’t considered all the analysis ’cause I want to make new ones, and it means I won’t consider old excavations: I will start just like it was the first time an archaeologist "put hands" in the project.
That’s not because I consider myself an "expert", it’s just because, as I always admit, I didn’t find an appropriate scientific documentation!

Nobody wrote that I’m an expert in Bosnian prehistory or Bosnian geology.
I only know how to excavate because I did it for 7 years.
I want to underline that because, maybe, you have to consider another important step of job.
For all the archaeologist in the world life means research!
We cannot be "expert" in all the history of the entire world! At the beginning of our studies we have to choose and, as you said, I decided to study Etruscan culture.
It doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to excavate in other sites!
I will have just to apply the scientific method (and I can do that even if I’m young ’cause I used that method for 7 years) and make research and study this new history!!
Of course, maybe the world is full of people better then me.. Experts in Bosnian history and geology but.. Where are they?!
They can come and I’m ready to listen to them! Of course I need suggestions like everybody in their jobs!!
I want to underline.. I’m just an archaeologist, full of enthusiasm, who was called to make excavations!
Nothing more.
If I won’t be able to do my job and I will loose it.. It doesn’t matter! I will search for another job like all the people in this planet!

I’m happy you had the time to translate all my blog, ’cause it means that you know it’s just a way to speak about Bosnia and excavations without scientific intentions! I wrote it many many times!
For that reason I cannot understand why you decided to mentioned my post about The European Union Times..
I just wanted to communicate what I had found whit the question "maybe something is going in the right direction?!".
But it was only a post, like all the other posts, to start a web conversation!
If someone has more informations about it.. Please, tell me!!
A person wrote to me in a private message to tell me more informations about CIA and I asked him to give me the permission to publish his message but.. I’m still waiting!
Of course I don’t need to write false things in order to prove there are pyramids in Bosnia!!
I told you, I’m an archaeologist and it doesn’t matter what we’ll find!

Well, I hope I answered to all your "attacks".. If you have questions.. Just write to me!
Unfortunately I can understand french but I cannot speak it so.. If you want you can put this answer on your site! I hope I will find it..

Thank you again for your e-mail.

Best regards,

Sara Acconci

An outstanding team of experts
Reality Check - le 1 February 2011

As much as Ms. Acconci tries to sound frank, enthusiastic, and as an open-minded scientist, her logic is flawed, and reveals someone who missed a concept of scientific research completely.

What is it she is excavating? Where is she looking for "it"? I suggest she better search for some answers in the non-alternative science before she puts a shovel in the terrain she knows nothing about. If she expects to learn something from the hands-on experience, she might as well try to find a job as a snake-oil salesman.

Ms. Acconci, I have also heard of an interesting site in Antarctica. Mr. Hi*ler and Mr. Pre*li also live there, enjoying subtropical climate. Don’t worry about other people calling you fool, you will just be doing your job — a serious scientific research.

An outstanding team of experts
Nedzad - le 2 February 2011

Hi Reality Check,

You are very funny Mr. Clown (Reality Check) , you could even work for circus KNIE.

Moreover than you know well Antarctica, that would be very cool to make amuse the polar bears, which are in the process of extinction. Thus you could relieve their pain.

Frankly, it is better that you release from this site, because it is that blà blà of share. You do not have anything other to make in your life with share annoy people?

By-by Mr.Clown and good work with polar bears.

Cordially, Nedzad

An outstanding team of experts
Reality Check - le 2 February 2011

This unprovoked insult can only come from someone belonging to a group of supporters of Mr. Osmanagic’s irrational ideas, better known as pyramidiots.

A reference to Antarctica and Hi*ler came from Mr. Osmanagic himself, from one of his "scientific" publications he so proudly boast about on his web site..

Maybe he is the one who you should be calling Mr. Clown?

Also, I suggest you stick to French, or use a spell-checker, or better yet, find someone who can write proper English. Your post is hard to read and looks ridiculous.

An outstanding team of experts
Irna - le 2 February 2011

Nedzad, I already warned you not to post stupid or injurious comments without any argumentation. You have to choose: either you address the points Reality Check made in his message, or you leave. I will not tolerate any more of your rants.

Nedzad, je vous ai déjà prévenu : je n’accepterai plus de commentaires stupides ou injurieux totalement vides d’arguments. Soit vous répondez à Reality Check sur ses arguments, soit vous allez voir ailleurs.


An outstanding team of experts
Nedzad - le 3 February 2011


No comment.


An outstanding team of experts
Reality Check - le 3 February 2011

What could you comment? Your "No comment" is a comment already. Whatever you have said earlier shows complete ignorance of people like you, who would like to re-write history, geology, archaeology, anthropology, and physics.

But wait! How could an educator like you know not that there are no polar bears in Antarctica? Well, no problem there. Just re-write zoology too.

Nedzad, I am glad you left comments like the one above here. Hopefully, others will see for what fraud people of your kind really are.