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The Dentist and the Giant Mussel

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The Dentist and the Giant Mussel
valtervalter2000 - le 20 March 2011

Cara Irna anch’io, che non sono professore, credo che le piramidi siano del tutto naturali, e l’ho anche scritto sul sito di Pablito, ma senza insulti sul piano personale. Sono stato con Pablito nel primo viaggio a Visoko (leggi report sul sito e in particolare la mia opinione sul monolito) ma, come tutte le persone mediamente intelligenti, sono pronto a cambiare idea di fronte alla dimostrazione del contrario. A questo proposito ti ricordo la storia di Konrad Lorenz, scoprirore dell’impriting nelle oche selvatiche. Per dimostrarlo, Lorenz si era immerso in un laghetto dove aspettava che le neonate oche lo vedessero e, impressa la sua immagine, lo riconoscessero come "madre". Alla notizia, la scienza ufficiale si dibatté sul dilemma se rinchiuderlo in manicomio o ignorarlo del tutto. Nel 1980 gli fu conferito il premio Nobel per la medicina. Dunque, se come dici tu da un lato è meglio fare tutte le indagini prima di pubblicare, dall’altro e meglio aspettare la fine delle indagini prima di condannare. Un invito atutti i frequentatori del blog: sosteniamo con forza le nostre idee, ma riserviamo lo stesso rispetto alle altrui che non condividiamo.

The Dentist and the Giant Mussel
Irna - le 24 March 2011

Hi Walter, sorry for the lack of answer, I’ve been quite busy. As you wrote below a text in English, I’ll assume that you understand that language.

So you are the Slovenian interpreter who accompanied Mr. Debertolis in his first trip to Bosnia? I read your comment on his first article in October (, interesting. May I ask what is your opinion now? Did your friend succeed in convincing you?

Just to be sure: you seem to imply that I insulted Mr. Debertolis. What exactly do you consider insults? The fact that I called him a dentist ( I hope not, or I wouldn’t like to be in your place the next time you meet your own dentist :-)
Or maybe the fact that I called him a pseudoscientist? Just to make things clear: Prof. Debertolis is probably a very good scientist in his own area, or he would not have obtained such responsabilities at Trieste University. But I stand by my opinion that he acts and writes like any pseudoscientist as far as archaeology and geology are concerned. He acquired some preconceived ideas on the "pyramids" just by looking at them, and began to make some far-fetched interpretations of what he saw without bothering to wonder how geologists would interpret what he saw, or to search for simpler explanations. His narration of his first trip with you is particularly revealing. And unfortunately he is more and more entangled in these fantastic interpretations, to the point that he cannot anymore consider the possibility that he could have misinterpreted, and that he will rant about some imaginary Serbian plot including every forumer who criticises him (see rather than trying to address the points I or others raise.

Let me say that the openmindedness is not on the side of Mr. Debertolis and his friends from various alternative forums. The openmindedness does not consist in jumping on the most fantastic interpretation without having studied first the, let’s say "classical", ones, and in refusing, as they do, to consider the arguments of the other part...

As for the fact that I should not judge before the "end of the investigation", I don’t agree. If Mr. Debertolis feels entitled to publish, on his own website or on the Foundation website, various "scientific reports" (see for instance), moreover when he presents these reports as emanating from "an inter-university and inter-disciplinary team established by Universities of Trieste and Milan", everyone is entitled to read, analyse and criticize these reports, and to point to their total lack of scientificity. I noticed that Mr. Debertolis is frequently, as is Mr. Osmanagic, announcing various analyses, but that after the first announcement we never hear anymore of these analyses. So that I fear that there will never be an end to these investigations...

Cordially, Irna