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Cover up that report, which I can’t endure to look on...

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Cover up that report, which I can’t endure to look on...
Anubis - le 30 August 2011

Hi Irna,
this is Eldar. Now I found the comment feature, and it’s really great because I have much to say.
This article makes me believe that you either didn’t read Dr. Swelims paper or that you are misinterpreting his words intentionally. Unfortunately, I think the latter is the case.

First of all... you say: "In short, we can summarize the new opinion of Dr. Swelim as follows: yes, both Visocica and Pljesevica are indeed pyramids - but natural ones!", yet there isn’t any sentence that would explain your conclusion.

"If nature creates a geological pyramid shape, why don’t we give it the proper descriptive term:
pyramid hill? The arguments on this nomination at Visočica persist because of: 1) little knowledge
on PYRAMID SCIENCE, 2) wrong belief that pyramids are MANMADE; and 3) opinions driven by

If one believes your interpretation, Dr. Swelim declared Visocica as a natural formation and addresses Osmanagic & Co with his three points in this quote. You colored one phrase red as if it was a clear statement and the ultimate proof. But his message becomes clear when you read the rest of the text. As I said, your article suggests that you haven’t read the rest because there are just a few quotes you are sharing with your audience. Maybe you should implement these too:

"If pyramid properties are fulfilled at Visočica, it will justify a pyramid nomination. Properties
discuss: geometry, orientation and stability. The facts that Visočica offers a pyramid appearance;
oriented to the cardinal points and adheres to the angle of repose; warrant the nomination"
"Looking along the NS and the EW axis, I see the largest pyramid in the world"
"I understand how the first glance at the pyramid hill Visočica creates some astonishment; and
that it does not look like the pyramids at Giza. This does not dismiss the pyramid state"

He actually criticizes Osmanagic’s opponents, especially Dr. Schoch:

"Some statements give us the wrong impression:
- Thus claiming “I have also spent many years studying pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere,
and I feel I have a good handle on the features that distinguish a genuine pyramid”, ( I,
N.S. do not agree).
- The same geologist, talking Geology (not pyramids) said: “I maintain my conviction that
there are NO pyramids at Visoko, Bosnia”; (wrong; N.S.).
- Another believes he is authorized to announce, that “(a second person) knows nothing
about pyramids”. And thinks he has the right to say that (a third person) “is
hallucinating”; (I, N.S. ask you to: control your emotions).""

And here’s one for the geologists in general:
"Field geology is where disagreement has developed at Visočica, and reveals diagnostic
disharmony among specialist"
"These are only a few selected opinions on geology where one can see little
agreement on certain items"

So, in brief: Dr. Swelim isn’t so sure about the existence of pyramids but does acknowledge the evidence. However, he doesn’t claim that this is just a hill.

You can have an opinion of your own, but that doesn’t mean it gives you the right to take these words out of context and bend and twist them how you like. As you know, I’m not taking sides in this pyramid story, but I do request objectivity.

Cover up that report, which I can’t endure to look on...
irna - le 30 August 2011

Hi Eldar,

I fail to see your point here. Evidently Dr. Swelim did not ’declare’ Visocica a natural hill, but he makes two strong points, even if it is in a strange language:

1° he makes it perfectly clear that he calls "pyramid" any object that has a pyramidal form, whatever its origin

2° he sees "disagreement" between geologists on the explanations of the "pyramid" (in the geometrical sense) (forgetting, it seems, that only one Egyptian geologist gave different interpretations - glacial and periglacial features, all the others, including Vrabac, Schoch, Ramovic, Coric... perfectly agree on the composition and structural history of the hill!), so that he considers that "the true status" (man-made or natural) will be decided by archaeological finds; and he has to recognize that there were no such finds, so that "until then we may dismiss human intervention".

I fail to see where I would have twisted, or overinterpreted his words.

So, in brief: Dr. Swelim isn’t so sure about the existence of pyramids but does acknowledge the evidence.

Re-reading again his text, the only evidence he acknowledges is the fact that Visocica is a ’geometrical pyramid’, nothing more.

However, he doesn’t claim that this is just a hill.

No, but he "dismisses human intervention" for the time being. Let me remind you that in 2008 he seemed perfectly sure of human interventions on both Visocica and Pljesevica.

Cordially, Irna