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Cover up that report, which I can’t endure to look on...

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Cover up that report, which I can’t endure to look on...
Anubis - le 31 August 2011

Ok, you have a point. I just wanted to share my opinion, because I still don’t agree with the general message of your article. However, I agree about his text being quite confusing and contradictory. He should have explained what he really thinks instead of giving us just hints. That’s probably the reason why this text can be interpreted in both ways.

With good intentions,

- Eldar

Cover up that report, which I can’t endure to look on...
irna - le 31 August 2011

Yes, we can agree on the fact that everything would be easier if Dr. Swelim had seen fit to produce a real scientific report!

I noticed that he will not be in Sarajevo this year for the second "international conference" about the ’pyramids’. Nor will the other Egyptians who attended in 2008. It may be a consequence of Egyptian revolution, of course. But they have been quite discreet as far as Bosnian pyramids are concerned these last years, I do not think that any Egyptian scientist came again to Visoko for two years. No news either of the Chinese archaeologists, nor of the Malaysian team with Prof. Chia who came last year and was supposed to produce a scientific paper:

Cordially, Irna

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