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Russian nesting academies

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Russian nesting academies
Abacus - le 17 April 2011

Dear Irna,

Thanks for this fascinating article!

You might be interested to know that, some years ago, some members of the British Archaeology mailing list were astonished to receive emails from “the IASNS (the International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society accredited at the Russian Academy of Nature Sciences)”. Other members discovered some intriguing information about the organization (one of the links in this particular post - to a 2004 thread in the Stones Forum of the Megalithic Portal - was damaged; however, this one should work).



Russian nesting academies
Irna - le 18 April 2011

Hi Abacus, thanks for the input: another nest of pseudo-academies! Same people, same ’institutes’ and ’academies’, same references to Vernadsky, Blavatsky, Agni Yoga, but this time with connections with the Russian Far Right (, look for "Asov", one of these ’researchers’ with interest in ’arctic motherland’). Poor Russia!

By the way, here is a list to make M. Osmanagic green-eyed: Here are all the ’diplomas’ of Grigori Grabovoi, member of the RANS, the IASNS, and of almost all of the academies mentioned in the above article - at least until he was arrested and sentenced to 11 years:

Cordially, Irna