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Vanishing web articles
Abacus - le 28 May 2011

Dear Irna,

I read "Vanishing Web Articles" with much interest. I see that, in your update of 25th May, you mention that Professor Debertolis says that he has had to move his website because of what he calls "piracy." And, on this site, Archeologia di Confine, I see that you’ve sent a post discussing the same subject.

As you’ve probably also noticed, just before your post in that thread, one of the posters, Orso in Piedi (besides other remarks that I prefer not to reproduce, let alone translate) says that

"Questi debunkers,perche di debunkers si tratta,hanno sempre lo stesso "modus operandi". Presentano la loro"verita"con argomentazioni che ad un primo esame possono sembrare sensate,ma che ad una piu attenta verifica si svelano come assolutamente inconsistenti." ("These debunkers, because debunkers are what we’re dealing with here, always have the same "modus operandi". They present their "truth" with arguments that, at first sight, might appear sensible, but which, on closer examination, are revealed as absolutely lacking in consistency.")

In my next post, I asked him for an example of what he meant.

This was his reply. Briefly, he accuses me of "denigrating" the argument; and refuses to answer my question.

I don’t know how asking for an example of an argument that doesn’t hold water can be construed as "denigration" on my part. Surely, if he could produce such an example, it would only help his case?

Be that as it may, it seems that we shall never find the answer now, as Orso in Piedi states that, as far as he is concerned, the discussion is now closed. :(



Vanishing web articles
Irna - le 29 May 2011

Hi Abacus,

"They present their "truth" with arguments that, at first sight, might appear sensible, but which, on closer examination, are revealed as absolutely lacking in consistency."

Funny, I would have said almost the same about these people, except that, even at first sight, they rarely appear ’sensible’ :-)

But what strikes me most is the close-mindedness of these people: from Orso in piedi, who claims that my arguments are ’inconsistent’, but refuses to provide a single example of this lack of consistency, to Pablito, who prefers destroying his own articles rather than acknowledging he may have missed some facts about the ‘stecci’, and to people on another forum who prefer to ignore the contradictors and refuse to listen to them...

What strikes me also is their frequent mention of politics and ethnicity: I can understand it when it comes from Bosnians, for whom the ’pyramids’ affair is heavily fraught with nationalism (see the documents I collected here on this particular subject). But when these Italians argue with mentions of ’political truth’, rants about the war and a supposed will to ’harm the Muslim Federation’ (sic!), or hide behing fantastic accusations of myself being a “famous former political personality of a certain ethnic community in Bosnia” hiding in France, I cannot help suspecting that they are at a loss for arguments and seek to deflect the discussion...