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Addressing Invented Heritage : the Case of the Bosnian Pyramids

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Addressing Invented Heritage : the Case of the Bosnian Pyramids
Abacus - le 7 juin 2011

Hi Irna,

Thanks for posting a link to this thesis. I thought it was terrific.

It seems to me that the heart of the problem lies in persuading the ordinary people of Bosnia that their real past and their real heritage, the Neolithic and mediaeval remains, is ultimately of more value to them than the past invented by Mr. Osmanagic and his colleagues. But many Bosnian people don’t have very high levels of income, and, obviously, the increased levels of tourism generated by the pseudo-pyramids is of huge importance to the economy. Given this situation, you can quite see why, whatever the archaeological and scientific truth of the matter, many people are happy to support the "pyramid" promoters. Ordinary Bosnians might want to capitalise on their heritage - as we can see happening in other countries such as Egypt and Peru - but I do wonder how could archaeological remains such as those found at Butmir and Okoliste generate anything approaching the same levels of interest and income as those produced by the Bosnian "pyramids."