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Carbon 14 dating - the next episode

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Carbon 14 dating - the next episode
canada71 - le 2 July 2011

If people only took half a day to go through his books, or at least the two of them, Cosmic mission of Maya and Mystery of Anasazi, they would quickly realize that he is a cult member. Maybe you should make people aware through your blog to read these two books found on his site, He is waco, nothing more. Maya came from stars? And went back there? Going to "other dimensions" by smoking marihuana? Yeah, that’s what he says in his books! Federal tv wasted lots of money so this waco can travel around the world and film that stupid documentary. Why this tv did not have show to analyze his books? Waco is searching pyramids so he can escape to other dimension, that’s what his goal is according to his books. Guy is crazy!

Carbon 14 dating - the next episode
Abacus - le 3 July 2011

Hi canada71,

You make some fairly direct points! In fact, there are already some articles on this site that mention Mr. Osmanagic’s studies of the Maya:

- Irna’s article: The book "The Bosnian pyramid of the Sun"

- Irna’s article: Osmanagic slammed by Johan Normark, which has two links to Normark’s blog articles -

- Normark: "Osmanagic slams Hawass"

- Normark: "2012: Prophet of nonsense # 4: Semir Osmanagić and the pyramid builders from the Pleiades"

- Irna’s article: A discussion about Mr. Osmanagic’s thesis, which contains a link to a forum where the thesis is examined in detail.

Hope you find some interesting reading here! :)



Carbon 14 dating - the next episode
Abacus - le 3 July 2011

I forgot to say that, of all the discussions of Mr. Osmanagic’s thesis on the Maya, probably this one is the most important.


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