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Carbon 14 dating - the next episode

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Carbon 14 dating - the next episode
Abacus - le 19 November 2013

Hi Irna,

Apparently, Mr. Osmanagic is still making great play of Carbon 14 dating results, as can be seen from this link (It. - some Engl.) on Eclisse Forum; the link to the original article (It.) that generated the discussion is here.

(Tera Pruitt’s 2011 thesis is mentioned in that post on Eclisse, but there is of course also a link to it on this page of your site.)



Carbon 14 dating - the next episode
Irna - le 19 November 2013

Hi Abacus,

I think that the original article in English is this one:

The author is one Deborah West; according to this biography,

She is currently doing investigative journalism reporting on a wide variety of topics including our cosmic culture, the multi dimensional universe, lost knowledge within our ancient civilizations and disclosure.


She is working on her first book with co-author Michael Hathaway entitled Idiots Guide to Disclosure, focused on the real origin of mankind, the reality of the existence of alien life and the shift in humanity’s consciousness.

That says a lot :)