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La "Pyramide de la Lune" - Pljesevica

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La "Pyramide de la Lune" - Pljesevica
Ronald - le 15 novembre 2006

Dear All,

I am new on Irna’s site and I am happy I can participate.

Since May or so, I participated on a few forums about the fata-morgana ’Bosnian pyramids’. From what I saw and read, we can safely conclude from the first ’excavation-season’ that Semir Osmanagic’s ’foundation’ abuses pure natural, thus geomorphological phenomena as being ’man-made structures’. Of course, the many tens of thousands of people who are not familiar with (true) archaeology, geology and geomorphology are very easy to influence and are easy prey for sly misleaders like Osmanagic junior and senior.

Below some natural phenomena presented by Osmanagic’s foundation as ’man-made’ stuff ;

1) natural terraces, that are most often eroded step-like = ’pyramid-steps’,

2) steep, sometimes barely eroded (smooth) breccia slopes showing a 45°-angle or more = ’polished pyramid-flanks’,

3) extended natural pavements - only narrowly freed from soil by the foundation’s crew - continuing into the hill’s flanks = ’man-made pathways’,

4) the ridge of probably a huge rock or breccia-plate on the ’pyramid of the sun’ that the crew did not dig out vertically, but horizontally = ’edge of the pyramid, where two flanks join with each other’,

5) on ’the pyramid of the moon’, two levels of horizontal/pseudo-horizontal natural pavements with about 1 metre of , naturally deposited, thin sediments in between = ’pyramid-steps’. On this site, the foundation, that could not find any pyramid, created her own ’steps’ by digging smooth vertical connections between the two levels of natural pavements, forgetting the fact that the natural layering of sediments of course remains visible .....

The last discovery is a ’wall’ in the newly discovered tunnels. Well, as usual, nothing unusual was found. It is just (again) breccia, with fairly big conglomerated pebbles .....