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"Revelation of the Pyramids": Sitchin, or not Sitchin ?

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Walter Allen’s notebook
Abacus - le 25 March 2013

Hi Irna,

I’ve just read this article. However, there was one thing in particular that I didn’t really understand.

On the subject of Walter Allen’s great-grandfather, who was dismissed by Howard Vyse, Jacques Grimault’s text says,

’Subsequently, he was even physically threatened, and found himself obliged to beat a hurried retreat to his home in Wiltshire, in England ... ’

But Walter Allen’s notebook says,

’Humfrey went to Syria & Jerusalem to see holy city a few weeks later [ ... ] Humfrey went back to England late 1837. Had to wait a month for boat from Bayruth to Athens. Went up through Austria and Prussia.’

It’s a bit difficult to make sense of the timescale here, but, according to this notebook, Allen’s great-grandfather doesn’t seem to have hurried back to England at all. Instead, he went off on a tour of Lebanon, Palestine and Europe, and didn’t return to Wiltshire until several months later.

I wonder if M. Grimault could explain this apparent discrepancy?



Walter Allen’s notebook
irna - le 25 March 2013

Hi Abacus, thank you for pointing this to me. I’ve tried to decipher the notes, but could not make sense of them due to the low quality of the scan.
I’ll try to ask your question to Mr. Grimault, but with no real hope of an answer: he’s quite shy when it comes to direct questions about his sources :)

Walter Allen’s notebook
Abacus - le 31 March 2013

Hi Irna,

The transcription of Allen’s notebook kindly provided by Martin Stower, and the links about Fall Brook, look very interesting.

From the links you found, we learn that Humphries Brewer:

’ ... was not a mere "mason", but rather an engineer and geologist.’

Yet it says in the notebook that Brewer went out to Egypt to build an eye hospital. But why would building a hospital have required either an engineer or a geologist? Surely an architect or a builder would have been better suited for the job?

Walter Allen’s notebook
irna - le 31 March 2013

Hi Abacus,

Brewer seems to have been an "universal" man: not only did he find coal and constructed an hospital, but it seems he also constructed a rail-road, and even a bridge according to Sitchin (but I couldn’t find any confirmation for this alleged bridge in Vienna)... I’m not sure there was always an actual difference in the XIXth century between engineer, architect, builder... Look at Gustave Eiffel who was all of that, and moreover an inventor. What strikes me more is that, if Brewer died in december 1867 at the age of 51, he must have been less than 21 when he travelled to Egypt. Quite young to build an hospital and a bridge! A promising young man, but as long as the family has not produced any of the letters he supposedly wrote from Egypt, I think we can dismiss this third or fourth hand report, compared with the factual elements that confirm the fact that the cartouche was made during the construction of the pyramid !