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"Revelation of the Pyramids": Jacques Grimault’s sources - I

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"Revelation of the Pyramids": Jacques Grimault’s sources - I
DDeden - le 5 August 2013


I note with interest that the Dayaks of Borneo have wooden boards with carving/engraving very similar to rongo-rongo, they were influenced by people from India. Also, did you see that the syllable "ru" in Korean and Japanese are the same, it is thought that Baekje people of Korea traded to Japan, cf rune, rongorongo, logos

"Revelation of the Pyramids": Jacques Grimault’s sources - I
irna - le 6 August 2013

Hi, a search with Google Images for Dayak carved wooden boards ("papan turai" seems to be the local word) yields only one example, always the same, without source. A quick search in the scientific litterature gave this article by T. Harisson, former curator of Sarawak Museum: with one example of "papan turai" on page 58 of the PDF, that doesn’t seem to me to be very similar to rongo-rongo. Could you maybe provide other examples, or some relevant litterature?

And I don’t understand your sentence about Korean and Japanese, and the relation you make with rongo-rongo?