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Non-existent conferences

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Non-existent conferences
Abacus - le 2 July 2014

Hi Irna,

I discovered today that the SBRG appear to have taken exception to your investigation of virtual conferences, to say nothing of your article for "Balkanologie," and "Les pyramides de Bosnie", in which you argue that: " [ ... ] the Bosnian pyramids are only a pseudo-archaeology affair".

Amongst other things, the SBRG appear to have forgotten the report from their own geologist, Dr. E. Nunzia Croce, whose final paragraph appears here (scroll down); it confirms that the shape of the hills in the Visoko area is the result of natural geological phenomena.


Non-existent conferences
Irna - le 3 July 2014

Hi Abacus,

thanks for the link! I wrote an answer to Prof. Debertolis’ text here; hopefully it will be translated in English in a few days :)


Non-existent conferences
Irna - le 6 July 2014

My answer to Prof. Debertolis in English is here: A response to Professor Debertolis.

Thank you Abacus for the translation :)