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A response to Professor Debertolis

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A response to Professor Debertolis
Abacus - le 19 August 2014

Hi Irna,

I see that Professor Debertolis has recently updated his article (scroll down to Aggiornamento 28 Luglio 2014 [Trans. - Update 28 7 14]).

Professor Debertolis apparently takes exception to the link lately posted on Le Site d’Irna to the Italian, French and English versions of the articles that originally appeared on the Eclisse Forum site (unfortunately no longer in operation).

Regrettably, readers who might have been hoping for interesting and constructive scientific comment, and answers to outstanding questions about his scientific approach and methodology * in this update are destined (once again) to be disappointed. Professor Debertolis merely confines himself to (not particularly relevant) observations about the author of the original articles, Simplicio. Like us, Simplicio and his colleagues asked many questions about Professor Debertolis’ work that remain unanswered to this day. :(

I suppose all that we can do is to hope that, at some future date, the good Professor does eventually see fit to address these questions.



* (See Le Site d’Irna passim).

A response to Professor Debertolis
Irna - le 19 August 2014

Hello Abacus,

Yes, ad hominem instead of answers to legitimate questions... That says a lot more about the Professor than about his critics...