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OOPArt? The Dorchester Pot

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OOPArt? The Dorchester Pot
Steve - le 9 April 2020

The Dorchester Pot is something I have read about many times, and as a person who is interested in history and archaeology it presented a puzzle, but with research like yours outstanding and conclusive, it identifies the item and indicates the truth of the situation clearly. I cannot wait to see what other interesting things I discover on this site. The research and work you put into these topics is first class, pity very few people put the same effort as yourself.Then these mysteries would not occure.

OOPArt? The Dorchester Pot
Nali - le 10 April 2020

Thanks a lot Steve ! :)
Only a few articles are mine on this website, most of them belong to Irna, but I’m sure you will have a lot of pleasure reading them, since they are all based on facts and evidences, not beliefs and fringe theories.