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As part of an investigation into the Bosnian "pyramids", I was recently interviewed by a site that would probably fall into the "alternative" (...)
Article published on 30 January 2014
by Irna
August 2014 by Paul Gee Tenement buildings were pock marked with bullet holes and crudely repaired craters from mortar blasts, testimony to the (...)
Article published on 15 August 2014
by Paul Gee
Italian original text :
Article published on 26 November 2012
by Simplicio (EclisseForum)
Over the past year, the extent to which Italian academics and researchers have been establishing a presence at Visoko has become more and more (...)
Article published on 22 July 2011
by Abacus
Italian original text :
Article published on 26 September 2012
by Simplicio (EclisseForum)


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electromagnetic beam emitted from the tip of the pyramid of exactly 98mhz. Mistake or new frequency ?
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