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Three little turns and then they go away...

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Three little turns and then they go away...
Irna - le 4 November 2007

Just for the visitor’s information, because I do not intend to discuss with the person who signed "pokojnik", the websites and blogs criticizing Mr. Osmanagic’s project are plagued with a few pyramid supporters. As soon as the comments are authorized, they try various tactics, commonly ending with insults and pornography. One of their favourite tactics is to pretend that all the bloggers and people participating in the pyramid forum threads are the same person; so that I have often been accused of being Stultitia - an accusation that I find quite flattering, as I consider Stultitia a very intelligent and cultured person :-) - or Stultitia was accused of being me, I’m not sure... Another tactic, as in pokojnik’s post, is to pretend that behind every blogger there is one of the Bosnian scientists who opposed Mr. Osmanagic. At a time the great "puppetmaster" was supposed to be Mrs Kujundzic-Vejzagic, archaeologist in Sarajevo Museum; now the last fashion seems different: suspected is Mr. Blagoje Govedarica, archaeologist and professor in Heidelberg University. Hence pokojnik’s post. I deleted his second post, which was insulting to Mr. Govedarica. Every new insulting post will be deleted, and the author forbidden to post.